Merate, Italy

Achieved WPN Premium August 2, 2019

"Our WPN Premium status is something we hold dear, as it fills us with pride and gives us the opportunity to offer our customers the best possible Magic experience including previews, exclusives, qualifying events and much more! Our Magic community is made up of all kinds: young and old, veterans and novices, professionals and families! We are proud to have created an environment that our customers find welcoming and enjoy spending time. We are thankful to the WPN Premium program for providing advice for improving the aesthetics and layout of our shop."

- Matteo Corti, Owner




Nostos Boutique

Ipswich, MA

Achieved WPN Premium February 21, 2020

"'Nostos' means 'homecoming' so I want everyone who comes into my shop to feel that sense of home. I designed my shop to be a bright, warm, clean, inviting space you want to spend time in. My shop has lots of windows and natural light, with a beautiful view of the Ipswich River from every seat in my play space! Submitting my shop for the WPN Premium process was daunting because it can be challenging to hear what things aren’t working when you have poured so much into your business but every change the committee and my WPN Business Development Specialist recommended had a purpose and elevated my shop and made it better. Now that I have achieved WPN Premium I can see how each change the committee recommended, whether big or small, has made a positive impact!"

- Krisy Viola, Owner



Amazing Discoveries

Tuscon, AZ

Achieved WPN Premium July 1, 2021

"WPN Premium has benefited the business by elevating the hobby gaming community in Tucson. Our players know when they come in, they'll have a positive, welcoming experience and colorful space to play. It's been an investment for the future. I'm most proud of our mural, a marriage of Sonoran desert meets fantasy, which is where Amazing Discoveries intersects. Another unique quality of our store is our open retail space with a tall ceiling and aisles that are easy to shop through."

- Dusty Ochoa, Owner.

Rain City Games

Vancouver, British Columbia

Achieved WPN Premium December 21, 2021

"We created our brand from the ground up after acquiring the business in 2017. With that brand we have a friendly, community-driven atmosphere in a large urban area. Working towards Premium has been the inspiration needed to accomplish tasks that were easy to put off, achieving that vision we always wanted for the business. "

- Andrea Robertson and Channing Guenther, Owners

Level Up - We Have Fun

Chieti, Italy

Achieved WPN Premium June 2, 2022

"We were granted Premium status only a few months into being open, and the most immediate benefit has been increased visibility. This has allowed us to foster the growth of our community, events, and product sales. Our greatest point of pride has been our supportive and respectful community. Our aim is to accompany fans in their discovery of the world of games, offering wide-ranging and flexible services within the framework of a place for leisure and fun."

- Giacomo Fiorucci, Owner

Halycon Games

Spring, Texas

Achieved WPN Premium June 30, 2022

"Working towards WPN Premium really had us look at all the tiny details that made a huge impact on providing superior customer experiences at Halcyon Games. One of those details was adding section signs. We didn’t really think we needed them in such a small space, but we went big, colorful, and playful.  We are so glad we embraced the change because our customers can find things easier and they create a more welcoming ambience. Most importantly, we learned to constantly look for ways we can make small improvements every day. Perhaps, our best new feature is our logo wall in our play space that absorbs sound, which is especially helpful during rain storms and busy game nights."

- Frankie Wright, Owner.

Underground Games

Copperas Cove, Texas

Achieved WPN Premium August 15, 2022

"We view the WPN Premium status is a badge of honor that exemplifies our hard work and commitment to the business as well as the community. We want to let the community know that we go above and beyond and strive to be one of the best in the industry. One of the things we get complimented on a lot is that we are always growing and evolving, never staying stagnant, which is probably one of our most unique qualities."

- Armando Neblina, Owner

Elysium Cards and Games

Fair Oaks, California

Achieved WPN Premium August 26, 2022

"Elysium has had a focus since day one on inclusivity in the gaming space. The owner has been an avid gamer for most of his life, and as a queer man saw the issues with discrimination permeating even the hobbies he pursued. Now, thanks to the support of the community and the staff that assists the owner, Elysium is proud to be a safe haven for everyone who wants to game. While we already had a goal in mind to be a premier LGS, working towards Premium helped us improve our shop even more. We were pushed to organize better, install improvements for customers, and were able to commission work from a local artist thanks to the Retail Improvement Grant program. Now that we've achieved Premium status, we are seeing an uptick in attendance to our events and talk of our shop has even reached a few states away!"

- Tyler Selee, Owner.

The Iron Lion

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Achieved WPN Premium September 1, 2022

"Joining the network and achieving WPN Premium has been wonderful! We have a wonderful community of all types of TCG players. Our store has custom-made wooden tables for all of our TCG events as well as custom floor-to-ceiling wooden bookshelves for all of our supplies, Sideshow figures and comic displays. As well has having a custom wood & iron throne at the main entrance of the store! The Iron Lion staff ensures that our store upholds our family friendly environment while keeping it fun and competitive!"

- CJ Daniels, Manager.

95 Game Center

Wilmington, Delaware

Achieved WPN Premium September 15, 2022

"We are brand new to the WPN Premium program but so far it has allowed us to detect and upgrade various items or displays in our store. This has undoubtedly further enhanced our end-user experience. We are especially proud of our customer and community engagement, as well as our digital kiosk system for trading card singles shopping."

- Brad Powell, Owner.

Modern Table Top

Chesterfield, VA

Achieved WPN Premium September 29, 2022

"Customers and staff are aware of our drive to become premium. This has put a lot of pride, structure and discipline into our staff. Customers constantly tell us how great our store looks and how well kept it is. This continues to drive customers back to us. We are proud of our customer service and how we treat everyone that walks in the door. People can feel a little uneasy the moment they walk into a store they have never been in and seeing so many people playing games. The way our staff greets them and answers their questions helps to alleviate that awkwardness for some new customers. We also love our D&D room. Our D&D players have been with us since we first opened and they volunteered to help build the room to the standard it is today."

- Christopher Wood, Owner.

Coliseum Cards



「與威世智的專員溝通時非常順暢且收穫良多,這使我們需要做的改動變得很簡單。取得優質店家資格為我們設立了值得自豪且需努力維持的標準,包括從客戶服務一直到店內與賽事體驗等各個方面。我們很榮幸能成為譚沃斯的優質店家,並提供米德蘭的魔法風雲會社群舉辦專屬賽事的優質場地。對我們來說,體驗重於一切!」 ——Sharon & Mark Lawson(店主)

Face to Face Games



「取得WPN優質店家資格,並不只是為了在威世智的清單上打一個勾。優質店家計畫的各方面都能讓您的店家整體變得更友善、親民且銷路更佳。若雇用『行銷顧問公司』來幫助您發展業業,他們提供的建議與幫助不僅只有威世智能提供的一半,還會開一張20,000美元的帳單要你付費。」 ——Kelly Ackerman(店主)

Firestorm Games



「與威世智的專員溝通時非常順暢且收穫良多,這使我們需要做的改動變得很簡單。取得優質店家資格為我們設立了值得自豪且需努力維持的標準,包括從客戶服務一直到店內與賽事體驗等各個方面。我們很榮幸能成為譚沃斯的優質店家,並提供米德蘭的魔法風雲會社群舉辦專屬賽事的優質場地。對我們來說,體驗重於一切!」 ——Sharon Lawson(店主)

Geek Retreat



「我們在取得優質店家資格的道路上並非一帆風順,頭兩次的申請都被拒絕了!但委員會每次提供的意見都相當清楚地指出我們需要改進的地方,而且針對外觀與顧客體驗的每個建議都很有參考價值。我們以打造友善開放的社群為榮,這讓我們能夠在友好支援的環境中介紹這項嗜好給新的人們。」 ——Andy Morton-Foggon(店主)

Gamers Paradise



「在努力取得WPN優質店家資格的過程中,我們與競爭者的優劣日漸明朗,而且我們的商店每天都能得到讚美。我們非常喜歡優質店家資格提供的專屬內容。『灰階』主題是我們的一大亮點,也就是我們在地板、牆面以及家具選色上,都使用了黑、白與灰色調。」 ——Tony Derbigny(店主)

Hairy Tarantula



「雖然一開始要取得WPN優質店家資格的過程讓人備感艱辛,但我們真的很想達成它。專員前來訪視並讓我們知道,我們有許多需要努力的地方,但最終這一切都是值得的。我們最後翻修了地板,還獲得了很有幫助的零售改善補助。顧客們很喜歡店裡的舒適感,也喜歡它的外觀。雖然偶遇挫折,但我們真的很高興自己成功了,且每一年都讓自己的店家變得更好。」 ——David Rood(店長)

Gremio de Dragones



「想要取得優質店家資格並不是非常困難,而且每一次只要有顧客恭喜我們,或是讚美我們的優質空間,對我們而言就是投資的回報。我們以商品的數量與多樣性而深感自豪,其中有很多在西班牙其它地方是找不到的。WPN優質店家的資格讓顧客群明白我們的品質標準,也激勵我們不斷精進提供的服務。」 ——Paco Rubio(店主)

Júpiter Barcelona



「我們的本地商店需要改善,所以當我們得知有機會取得WPN優質店家資格時,真的很開心。公司提供的建議都相當中肯且有道理。我們以顧客為榮,並將我們的社群當成一個大家庭——每一位新顧客都是新的家人!」 ——Joan Grau(店主)

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