In Diplomacy, success does not hinge on the luck of the dice, rather, cunning and cleverness.

During a round, players plan and discuss their intended actions and also write down their true actions. Each player then simultaneously executes their written plans on the game board. Troop movement and combat follows. Combat is simple, strategic, and avoids random elements such as dice rolling.

Throughout the game, players will form alliances and attempt to root out traitorous plots as they try to negotiate and outwit one another—in a delicate balance of cooperation and competition—to gain dominance over Europe.

The player who owns a majority of strategic supply centers wins!

Tips of the Trade Host an all-day political affair with Diplomacy! The winner of the game can win the prestigious honor of being “Ambassador” for your store which could include fun perks of your choosing. Also, consider offering a meal package for the all-day event that includes lunch, dinner, and snacks. Lastly, spice up the event by inviting players to choose a famous leader from history—such as Winston Churchill or Napolean Bonaparte—and play in character as best they can.

Age Range: Ages 12+
Players: 2–7 Players
Play Time: 4–12 hours

  • 1 Game board
  • 20 count strategy map pad
  • 315 army, navy, and national control markers
  • 1 Rulebook
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