Players play as simple robots with the goal of placing first in a frantic race across a deadly factory floor.

Throughout the course of a game, players will earn a wide variety of upgrades for their robot, sabotage each other’s plans, and attempt to destroy each other’s robots all the while trying to avoid obstacles as they traverse across the unpredictable factory floor.

Victory goes to the first player who reaches all the waypoints in the correct order. Excellent strategy and a bit of luck will be necessary to win this robotic race!  

Tips of the Trade

Try hosting a “Sci-Friday” board game event before Friday Night Magic featuring great sci-fi games like RoboRally, Netrunner, and Risk 2210.

Age Range: Ages 12+
Players: 2-8 Players
Play Time: 20 minutes - 2 hours

  • 8 Plastic robots
  • 8 Plastic flags
  • 110 Program and option cards
  • 116 Tokens
  • 4 Two-Sided factory floor boards
  • 1 Two-Sided docking bay
  • 2 Factory floor reference sheets
  • 8 Player program sheets
  • 1 30-Second sand timer
  • 1 Rulebook with course manual
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