How We Revolutionized our Game Day

How We Revolutionized our Game Day

October 17, 2016 | 1 min to read

We at Geek Retreat—Glasgow pride ourselves on our inclusivity policy which fosters a safe and welcoming environment for all—regardless of background or interests. Even our staff is a wonderful, eclectic bunch.

During a healthy debate, it became abundantly clear that we all had differing views on how we wanted to conduct our upcoming Game Day event.

If we had such varying views, then it stands to reason that so, too, do our customers.

We were stuck, until it hit us:

Ask Them!

It turned out many players worried they weren't good enough to play in our Game Day. They didn't want to pay a big entry fee only to go home with nothing except the feeling that they had wasted a day.

We were dismayed. We feel that Game Day should be for everyone. Literally anyone should be able to participate, and come away having had a fun experience that was worth their time and money, regardless of their win record.

An Inclusive Prize Structure

So we altered our prize structure to appeal to both casual and competitive players.

In addition to the prizes provided in the Game Day kit, each player receives two booster packs just for entering and then we award an additional booster pack for each match win.

This structure slightly incentivizes winning—rewarding quality play—but it also rewards participation, appealing to both types of players.

We found that without a top-heavy prize payout, our competitive players treat Game Day as a relaxed event for deck-testing and enjoying the company of other players. The chance to win a champion playmat and bragging rights are cherries on top of a fun and social experience!

We follow up Game Day weekend with a Grand Prix Trial or PPTQ the weekend after to accommodate players who want to enjoy a high level of competitive play.

A Gateway to Competitive Play

We also noticed something else that we hadn't expected.

For many newer players, Game Day was their first real taste of competitive play.

The event actually acted as a gateway to competitive play, gently introducing those players to more advanced play and strategies. The jump from Friday Night Magic to a PPTQ can be quite daunting—Game Day fills that gap as a nice midway point between the two events.

We’ve also seen our competitive players come into the store more often for weekly casual events to trade with and help newer players that they met at Game Day. These players are eager to share their knowledge and passion, help build our regular player base of competitive players, and grow our community overall. It’s wonderful!

We're constantly astounded by the amazing ideas our players come up with. By taking that feedback on board, our Game Day grows bigger and better with each set.

Store Stats: Geek Retreat (Glasgow)

  • Location: Glasgow, Scotland (Population: 598,803)
  • WPN Level: Advanced Plus
  • Age: 3 years and 3 months
  • Size: 1400 sq. ft.
  • Website:

By Laura Wiggins, Manager of Geek Retreat— Glasgow


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