ICYMI: Online Sales & Community Required for Premium

ICYMI: Online Sales & Community Required for Premium

August 10, 2020 | 1 min to read

WPN Premium is about maintaining a world-class game store experience for your customers. For that mission to be successful, the elements that make up that experience must evolve over time—whether that's in response to a pandemic or changing fan expectations.

We've been amazed and humbled to watch WPN members adapt to COVID-19 and continue serving their customers—selling online when shops were closed and helping communities stay connected while they stayed at home.

These stores have helped define what it means to be world-class under the present circumstances. Last July, we revised the WPN Premium Quality Checklist to codify the example they set.

In case you missed it, here's a breakdown of those changes.

Online Sales Platform

A Premium experience is comfortable and convenient—that's why we made a high-quality online sales experience a permanent requirement for WPN Premium.

An online sales platform enables you to offer the safety and convenience that your customers are seeking, whether you're offering home delivery, curbside pickup, or a way to buy online and pick up in-store.

And that expectation isn't going anywhere. Today's fans expect to shop whenever, wherever, and however is most convenient and comfortable for them, whatever may be going on in the world.

If you're curious how to get started with operating an online sales platform, you can get some ideas from Black Diamond Games's Gary Ray here.

Online Community

When players come to your store, they’re looking for more than a place to buy cards and a surface to play on. They come for comfort, safety, and belonging.

Demand for that kind of experience hasn't changed, even if fans don't "come to your store" in the same way they used to. You can offer that comfort and safety during the pandemic through an online space for your community.

That's why offering an online community (using Discord, Facebook Groups, WhatsApp, or something similar) is now a requirement for Premium.

A sense of community and belonging isn't limited to the inside of your shop. Providing your players with somewhere they can play, discuss the new set, or just chat with their friends is incredibly valuable for creating a community that supports your store.

You can learn more about taking your community online here.

Reminder: In-Store Play Metrics Requirement Suspended

The metrics snapshot taken on February 15 will be used until further notice for all WPN members. Premium metrics requirements will also be waived temporarily for both Premium reverifications and new applications until further notice.

Remember, if you're interested in Premium, you don't need to tackle the Premium Quality Checklist and these new requirements on your own.

During the Premium process, you'll receive customized support to help check off any unfinished boxes on the checklist. Reach out to your local representatives for more info on how to get started.


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