Modern Horizons' Unprecedented Buy-a-Box Promo (And 2 More Things You Should Know)

Modern Horizons' Unprecedented Buy-a-Box Promo (And 2 More Things You Should Know)

May 20, 2019 | 1 min to read

Modern Horizons has no precedent. It's the first set to aim straight for Modern: every one of its 249 cards—some are reprints, some are new—will become legal in Modern for the very first time, without becoming legal in Standard.

Skipping Standard opened a lot of space for Magic’s design studio, and they made the most of it.

Take a look:

Distributors everywhere are taking orders now, and Prerelease is right around the corner (June 8–9, with launch to follow on June 14.)

Here are four things you should know as we head into the season:


The Buy-a-Box Promo Is Unprecedented


If you're unfamiliar with Flusterstorm, here's the short version: it was printed in a Commander deck back in 2013, and promptly became the go-to answer to Storm strategies in Vintage and Legacy. But not Modern. Because it wasn't legal.

But it's about to be.

The above printing of Flusterstorm introduces one of Magic’s best counterspells to Modern, and getting one is going to involve a trip to the LGS—it does not appear in Modern Horizons booster packs.

WPN members can give one out with each full display of Modern Horizons they sell, starting with the Prerelease Early Sale Promotion on June 8. (June 10–13 remain blackout dates—no sales until launch. Only in-store purchases are eligible.).

Couple things worth noting. 1. It's a non-foil card, because we expect it to see tournament play. (Most tournament players prefer non-foil cards.) 2. Quantities are based on store level. (Going forward, they're based on the new metrics.) 3. This is all very good. (Very very good.)


Get 32 Draft Tickets, Get a Promotional Playmat


Any store that runs and reports thirty-two Tickets in their draft events between June 14–16 will find a bonus in an upcoming kit: a promotional playmat, unavailable elsewhere, with Core Set 2020 art. (Prerelease is June 8–9—so those Tickets won't count.)

We'll show you the art once Core Set 2020 gets closer. Only 2,000 of these will be released, and the only way to get one is through this promotion. Once it lands, treat it like any other promotional material from Wizards and use it to support your events.


Your Prerelease Allocation is a Single Number (Also, You Can Run Drafts)


For most sets, we send out a whole list of numbers to illustrate your allocation—baseline product, growth product, and so on. For Modern Horizons, we only need one.

Call your distributor now to get your allocation—a lump sum of booster boxes to apportion as you choose between Prerelease events, Prerelease Early Sale Promotion, and prizes. It's 24, 48, and 72 for Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. (Quantities vary by region.)

Note that, unlike most Prereleases, you can use this product for Booster Drafts—Modern Horizons is great to draft, and all those drafters count toward both Tickets and Engaged Players.

All the more reason to go all-out for Modern Horizons. Call your distributor now and get your orders in!


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