New Policy for All Surplus Promos

New Policy for All Surplus Promos

July 25, 2017 | 1 min to read

Effective immediately, we're fine-tuning a change we made to the Buy-a-Box promotion policy and extending that policy to all WPN promotion materials:

Leftover promotional materials may be used to improve in-store play after the following Standard-legal set launches.

For example, the Draft Weekend promo for Hour of Devastation is Ramunap Excavator. Once Ixalan launches on September 29, you may issue those promos to improve in-store play experiences, at your discretion.

How do I know which set a promo is from?

Beginning with Ixalan, promo cards will include a set symbol. Once Rivals of Ixalan launches on January 19, any card with an Ixalan symbol may be issued to reward in-store play as you see fit.

Does This Policy Apply to Playmats and Deckboxes as Well?

This change applies to all promotional materials, from Friday Night Magic promos to Store Championship playmats to Standard Showdown boosters.

How Should I Issue Leftover Promos?

First, do whatever you can to use promos for their intended purpose, within their intended window.

When leftovers are unavoidable, we recommend using them as extra rewards for new players, returning players from previous weeks, and players who brought a friend.

If you have additional questions about the new policy, please contact Retail Support.


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