Special Buy-a-Box Promo with Ixalan

Special Buy-a-Box Promo with Ixalan

September 1, 2017 | 2 min to read

With the release of Ixalan, we are sending stores a special promo item to help drive booster box sales. In addition to the traditional Buy-a-Box card, qualifying stores will receive Buy-a-Box booster packs to distribute to customers who purchase a full booster box of Ixalan.

Buy-a-Box booster pack contents are similar to two Standard Showdown boosters in one pack:

  • 2 foil basic lands illustrated by Rebecca Guay
  • 4 rares or mythic rares from Standard-legal sets
  • 2 foils of any rarity from Standard-legal sets
  • 1 foil Burning Sun's Avatar

Note that you will receive individual copies of Burning Sun's Avatar as well as Buy-a-Box booster packs, which also contain a copy of that card. Players who purchase a full booster display of Ixalan should receive both the pack and the individual card.

Buy-a-Box booster pack contents are printed in English and Japanese only. Individual copies of Burning Sun's Avatar are available in all languages. Each market will receive the card in the appropriate language.

How do I sign up?

All stores of Core level and above will automatically receive both Buy-a-Box promos and Buy-a-Box booster packs.

How many will I receive?

Distribution is based on store level:

  • Core: 20 Buy-a-Box promos and 15 packs
  • Advanced: 40 Buy-a-Box promos and 30 packs
  • Advanced Plus: 60 Buy-a-Box promos and 60 packs

What should I do with leftover Buy-a-Box packs?

Like all promotional items, leftover promo packs may be used to improve in-store play once the following Standard-legal set has released. (Rivals of Ixalan releases January 19, 2018.)

Buy-a-Box booster packs will deliver with your Ixalan Standard Showdown kits between September 25–29. Get the word out in your store and on social media!


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