Updated Community Guidelines for MTG: Arena in WPN Stores

Updated Community Guidelines for MTG: Arena in WPN Stores

September 22, 2021 | 1 min to read

If your store has been hosting MTG: Arena or Magic: the Gathering Online tournaments, please be aware that our Community MTG: Arena Tournament Guidelines have been updated. Effective immediately, the new community guidelines are replacing the temporary guidelines.

Don’t fret—you don’t have to change the way you’re running tournaments. Everything retailers could do before are still applicable under the new Community guidelines.

However, this does mean the temporary guidelines are no longer in effect

WPN Stores Won’t Receive Midweek Magic Codes for MTG: Arena

Additionally, we will no longer be distributing codes to WPN stores for Midweek Magic due to the active regional return-to-play status of many stores across the globe.

Midweek Magic continues on MTG: Arena, so players can still enjoy three days of Magic every week.

This change is effective with Prerelease of Innistrad: Crimson Vow. The last Midweek Magic codes will be distributed for play the week of November 9, 2021. We encourage you to inform your customers in advance.

If you have any questions regarding Midweek Magic codes, contact Retail Support. We're here to make sure you have what you need to help your community thrive.


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