Battlebond Launch Party

Event Start Date
Jun. 2018 8
Event End Date
Jun. 2018 10
Event Dates: 06/08/18 - 06/10/18

Battlebond Launch Party

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Battlebond is 2018's "Draft Innovation" SKU. Think Conspiracy or Unstable—something that turns traditional drafting on its head. It's meant for Two-Headed Giant, with cards and flavor and mechanics that fit that theme.

Here are four things to know before you sign up:

1. Promos come in two-card packs. The card pairs will interact with one another, and they will go in players' decks. You'll see what we mean closer to release.

2. Players sign up in teams of two. When you open up preregistration, make sure it's clear: this set is all about Two-Headed Giant, and players will want to register in teams of two if they can.

3. We're hoping to see a lot of experienced players team up with their less-experienced friends. It's a good chance for them to cooperate, because players make all decisions together, from drafting to building to battling.

4. You can do Booster Draft or Sealed. Most the unique mechanics—the main selling point of the play experience—are agnostic to the format, so long as it's Two-Headed Giant.


Two-card promo packs: Give one pack to each team.


  • Core: 16 packs
  • Advanced and Advanced Plus: 32 packs

16 Two-Headed Giant instruction sheets.

1 event poster


  • PLAYERS: 8+ for tournaments, 2+ for casual events.
  • ROUNDS: 2+ for tournaments, 0 for casual events.
  • FORMATS: Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft, Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck
  • NUMBER OF EVENTS: No limit

Primary Audience

  • Interested Player
  • Super Fan

Secondary Audience

  • Engaged Player
  • New Player