Launch Party: Modern Horizons 3

Launch Party: Modern Horizons 3

Launch Party: Modern Horizons 3

About Launch Party

Taking place on release weekend, Launch Party is a key opportunity for your store to engage with a fresh wave of new players and encourage them to return to your store for even more Magic events in the future.

We recommend you entice players to return to draft more Modern Horizons 3 or to pick up a Modern Horizons 3 Commander deck they haven't tried yet to play in-store! No matter their choice, it's a great chance to bring your community together and continue event momentum throughout the season.

Scheduling: Between June 14 – 16; use the Launch Party scheduling template

Format: Commander, Booster Draft, Sealed

Rules Enforcement Level: Any

Pairing Method: Swiss or Player-List Only

Promo Support:

  • Outlaws of Thunder Junction Promo packs
  • Bring-a-Friend promo (both new players and their experienced friends receive the promo)
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