About Launch Party

Taking place on release weekend, Launch Party is all about celebrating Limited play with Booster Draft and Sealed events. It's a great opportunity for players who look forward to the excitement of checking out new cards and playing without being required to bring their own deck.

WPN stores will receive a set allocation of Ravnica Remastered Draft Boosters to use for the event or as prizing, regardless of community size. If you are not running in-store play, you may run the event as an At Home event.

Scheduling: Between January 12 – 14; use the Launch Party scheduling template

Format: Sealed Deck, Booster Draft

Rules Enforcement Level: Casual, Regular, or Competitive

Pairing Method: Swiss or Player-List Only

Promo Support:

  • Participation promo
  • Promos will be included with your Ravnica Remastered promo kit

Metrics Information

On March 1, 2024, the snapshot metrics will no longer be in effect; only your live metrics will be used to determine promo and product allocations. That means that we will no longer be using Theros: Beyond Death Prerelease numbers when determining your store's Prerelease allocation.

All WPN members must meet a baseline metric requirement to remain part of the network—currently, the minimum requirements are 250 Tickets and 5 Engaged Players annually. WPN Premium retailers must achieve 1,500 Tickets, 30 Engaged Players, and 10 Activated Players annually.

All Magic: The Gathering events reported through Wizards EventLink, including At-Home Prerelease events, will count towards play metrics: Tickets, Engaged Players, and Activated Players.

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