Love Your Local Game Store Draft

Love Your Local Game Store Draft

Scheduling: As many events as you like, starting July 5

Format: Booster Draft

Rules Enforcement Level: Casual

Pairing Method: Swiss or Player-List Only

Promo Support:

  • Love Your Local Game Store 2024 promo, Full-Art Sakura Tribe Elder

You may pass out one promo per customer, per day, while supplies last. Love Your Local Game Store Booster Draft event entry fees qualify for this promotion.

The event template in Wizards EventLink will allow unlimited scheduling between July 5 – 25. If you still have promos after this time, you are welcome to continue to provide them for Modern Horizons 3 Booster Drafts and can simply use the "Create Custom" tool to schedule these events. You can also continue to provide them for purchases of three Modern Horizons 3 Play Boosters. The surplus promo policy does not apply to this promotion: please continue to use them as prescribed until you run out.

About Love Your Local Game Store Draft

The Love Your Local Game Store Draft event is a way to give your players the option to participate in a memorable event experience when they come to support your store!

You can schedule as many events as you like starting on July 5 until promo supplies run out. To schedule, you can use the Love Your Local Game Store Event template in Wizards EventLink.

Run this event the same as you would any other Modern Horizons 3 Booster Draft event in stores—gather players in pods of eight, give them three packs of Modern Horizons 3 each, and let the fun begin!

We hope you use the opportunity to encourage players to support you not just this time, but for future events you have scheduled in-store as well! Building repeat play habits is greatly beneficial for growing your gaming community, and celebrating the love of community gaming during the Love Your Local Game Store promotion is a perfect place to start.

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