Magic League: Ixalan


Event Start Date
Oct. 2017 2
Event End Date
Oct. 2017 29
Event Dates: No upcoming event
  • Gateway
  • Core
  • Advanced
  • Advanced+

Magic League: Ixalan

Magic League habituates the game for new and interested players. It's designed to be an initiation to Magic as a weekly tradition.

Players start with three boosters and add another each week, plus another after any set of three losses. They can battle in your store at any time, including a weekly meetup.

Host your meetup on any day but Friday, and consider keeping league decks and match slips in the store to guarantee the integrity of the results.



  • Primary: Interested Players
  • Secondary: Engaged Players, New Players


New Player: No knowledge of how to play Magic
Interested Player: Basic understanding of Magic, ready to learn more about strategy and game play
Engaged Player: Competence in Magic game play, eager to invest in the game on a regular basis


  • 30 storage boxes: Give one to each league player to store their deck.
  • 30 match cards: Use these to track wins and losses.
  • 30 participation promo cards: Issue these to League participants that have completed 10 or matches


  • Players: 2+
  • Rounds: 0
  • Formats: Magic League Sealed
  • Number of events: No limit. League matches may take place any time the store is open.