Magic Open House: Dominaria

Event Start Date
Apr. 2018 14
Event End Date
Apr. 2018 15
Event Dates: 04/14/18, 04/15/18

Magic Open House: Dominaria

Open House recruits new players with an introductory event that’s designed specifically for them.

New players get a Welcome Deck tutorial and a showcase of both Magic and the social experience of in-store play.

Introduce new players to the game with learn-to-play sessions, and invite them to meet your community and explore the game with a casual Standard event.

Host your event on either Saturday or Sunday, whichever works best for your community. You'll want ample staff and teaching resources on hand to give new players the best possible introduction to the game and to your store.



  • 20 Magic Welcome Decks: Use these to teach new players.
  • 30 foil full-art promo cards: Give these to any player that participates in the event.
  • 20 casual Standard event match cards: Use these to track wins and losses in your Standard event.


  • Players: 2+
  • Rounds: 0
  • Formats: Standard
  • Number of events: 1

Primary Audience

  • New Player

Secondary Audience

  • Engaged Player
  • Interested Player