Magic Weekend: Commander

Core Set 2020

Event Start Date
Aug. 2019 24
Event End Date
Aug. 2019 25
Event Dates: 08/24/19 - 08/25/19

Magic Weekend: Commander

Commander Weekend (M20's Magic Weekend) coincides with the release of Commander 2019, making it the perfect way to support sales.

Format: Play One of the Four Decks & Use All 3 Commanders

For Magic Weekend: Commander, we’re recommending a special Commander variant to encourage players try out the new decks. It works like this.

Any player that purchases and uses an unaltered Commander 2019 deck can begin the game with up to three legendary creatures from that deck in their Command Zone.

Recommended Rewards: Complete the Achievement Card, Get a Promo Pack

Like we've said, we recommend reserving about 20% of your promo packs each season for Magic Weekend. Here's how we recommend using that 20%.

If you play Commander, you know it's not like other formats. It's about creating deckbuilding, expressing yourself through the game, exploring novel interactions and obscure, offbeat cards. In other words, it's about a lot more than just winning—and we recommend you make that clear with the prize pool.

First, download these achievement cards. You'll see things like "Recite flavor text in the voice of your commander" to help liven up the event. You'll also see that the achievement cards offer a promo pack to any player who completes the entire list.

Primary Audience

  • Engaged Player
  • Interested Player

Secondary Audience

  • New Player
  • Super Fan