Prerelease: Core Set 2020

Core Set 2020

Event Start Date
Jul. 2019 5
Event End Date
Jul. 2019 7
Event Dates: 07/05/19 - 07/07/19

Prerelease: Core Set 2020

Prerelease Starts Friday at 3PM


First thing's first: we're very excited to roll out the first-ever global test of Friday Prerelease. When you log in to WER to sign up for Prerelease (do it today!), you'll see Friday, July 5 available as an option.

Note that the official "start time" is 3PM (in your local time) and that July 8–12 remain blackout dates globally (i.e. no sales until launch). This test includes the Prerelease Early Sale Promotion, meaning, on Friday, you can sell advance boxes in quantities equal to the number of Buy-a-Box promos you receive.


Prerelease Early Sale Promotion Returns!


When you get your allocation numbers, you’ll also see how many advance boxes you can order for the Prerelease Early Sale promotion. Quantities are based on your play metrics, Tickets and Engaged Players.

Allocations are based on Guilds of Ravnica or Ravnica Allegiance attendance. We'll take the higher attendance number and go from there.

Get a full breakdown here here.

At Prerelease, entire store communities converge for their very first opportunity to play with the new cards. It's the best opportunity to turn interested players into engaged players with a high-energy, high-emotion gaming experience.

You may also run Prerelease Parties—open play events with no round structure—— concurrent with your main event. Note that any players reported in a Prerelease Party will not count toward future Prerelease allocations. You can find more information here.

Primary Audience

  • Engaged Player
  • Interested Player

Secondary Audience

  • New Player
  • Super Fan