Prerelease Party: Core Set 2019

Event Start Date
Jul. 2018 7
Event End Date
Jul. 2018 8
Event Dates: 07/07/18 - 07/08/18

Prerelease Party: Core Set 2019


Please note that players reported in a Core Set 2019 Prerelease party will not count toward future Prerelease allocations.


During Core Set 2019 Prerelease, move through your entire allocation of product with ease by taking advantage of casual prereleases—otherwise known as “Prerelease Party.”

You can schedule one per day (one Saturday, one Sunday, concurrent with the main event), and they're Player List Only (no rounds, no pairings, etc). They're meant as a more beginner-friendly experience, an option for players who can't do the main event, etc.

Primary Audience

  • Interested Player
  • New Player

Secondary Audience

  • Engaged Player