Ravnica Weekend: Ravnica Allegiance

Ravnica Allegiance

Event Start Date
Feb. 2019 16
Event End Date
Feb. 2019 17
Event Dates: 02/16/19 - 02/17/19

Ravnica Weekend: Ravnica Allegiance

Invite players to represent their guilds at Ravnica Weekend.

Please note: Ravnica Weekend Ravnica Allegiance features a different format and a different promo kit than Ravnica Weekend Guilds of Ravnica. See below for details.

Invite players to represent their guilds at Ravnica Weekend.

For Ravnica Weekend Ravnica Allegiance, you'll schedule a tournament in either Sealed, Booster Draft, or Standard. You'll also host Guild Kit battles, using the new run of Guild Kits coming with Ravnica Allegiance, plus D&D sessions, using a stand-alone adventure that you will receive via email.

Ravnica Weekend Cheat Sheet

You’re prepping for one, you’re about to schedule the other, and they’re very different events. Here’s what you need to know:

Ravnica Weekend Guilds of Ravnica

Date: 11/9/2018–11/11/2018

Formats: 4-pack drafts, Guild Kit battles, D&D sessions

Kit: 20 foil basic lands, 10 guild prints

Ravnica Weekend Ravnica Allegiance

Date: 02/16/2019–02/17/2017

Formats: Standard, Draft, or Sealed (choose when you schedule it in WER), Guild Kit battles, D&D sessions Kit: 30 foil full-art rares, 1 playmat, 10 guild prints, 20 foil guild lands

Primary Audience

  • Engaged Player
  • Interested Player

Secondary Audience

  • New Player