Store Championships

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Dec. 2021 5
Event Dates: 12/04/21 - 12/05/21

Store Championships

We have made several changes to our normal event policies to ensure WPN members do not feel pressured to schedule in-store events and can remain compliant with local health and safety guidelines.

We will count metrics for the following regions:

You will have a full year to build up your metrics, starting from the date metrics begin counting in your region. During that grace period, promo and product allocations will be based on either the metric snapshot from Q1 2020 or your live metrics. After that period, only your live metrics will be used to determine allocations.

Until further notice, all events reported through Wizards EventLink, including Webcam and At-Home events, will count towards play metrics: Tickets, Engaged Players, and Activated Players.

In all other regions, events reported will not impact your play metrics or your product and promotion allocations at this time. You will be notified when events impact your play metrics again.

Wizards-supported competitive play returns with Store Championships.

Available to WPN stores in all regions where in-store play is allowed, these one-day-only events give your players an opportunity to prove their mettle and earn commemorative promos.

Store Championships will be run using Wizards EventLink, with Swiss rounds cutting to a top eight. We suggest running the event at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level.

In regions where in-store play is not currently available, stores may run the event through Magic Online or MTG Arena.

Available Formats

  • Booster Draft

  • Sealed

  • Standard

  • Modern

  • Pioneer

Promo Card Rewards

Participation: Arbor Elf Top Eight: Collected Company First Place: Wurmcoil Engine

At WPN Premium locations, the store name will be printed on the top eight and winner promo cards.

Primary Audience

  • Engaged Player
  • Super Fan

Secondary Audience

  • Interested Player