May 11, 2016

The 1 Question You Must Constantly Ask

This critical question can maximize your long-term success (according to Trade Marketing Manager and former Advanced Plus store owner, DeQuan Watson)

May 11, 2016

The 1 Question You Must Constantly Ask

This critical question can maximize your long-term success (according to Trade Marketing Manager and former Advanced Plus store owner, DeQuan Watson)

The day-to-day operations of running a retail establishment can really wear you down. Sometimes you can hit a point where you just want to relax and enjoy things.

But don't get so caught up in the chaos of retail that you let your store go stale. You have to stay aware of your store and its perception. Ask yourself: What could my store do better?

The next time you're looking for some ideas to break up the monotony of your business, try these low-cost options.

Rearrange Your Product

Think about your local grocery store or favorite retail outlet. They're constantly changing window displays, moving product around, and trying new display configurations on the sales floor.

It's an easy way to help control your store's image. It allows you to showcase new products or slow-moving merchandise. It can help you guide customers where you want them in the store.

You'd be amazed how customers rediscover product you've had for a while just because you moved it.

Update Your Online Presence

Change out any outdated photos on your website. If you have a blog, write a post about what's happening in store. Highlight a new hire or a major event.

Change your banner on Facebook. If you have multiple versions of your store logo, try putting a new one on various social feeds as your avatar. If nothing else, it should be something new to catch someone's eye.

Check your Google Business page. Make sure it's a fair representation of your store in its current state. Something as small as posting new photos can have a big impact on someone cruising the internet looking for your store.

Evaluate Your Events

Once you find something works with your event schedule, it can be hard to change. You obviously don't want to mess with things too much if they're going along smoothly. But remember, you have an ever-changing customer base.

Look over your event numbers for the past six to twelve months and analyze their performance. Are you seeing mostly the same faces? Do you have others that aren't returning?

It could be worth starting some new play initiatives. Some Magic events during the day could be a good way to take care of players with odd shifts or school schedules. Maybe try a series of events for beginners.

Look for Outside Opportunities

If you feel like you've conquered all the major tasks in your store, start looking outside of it for more opportunities. There are a ton of options available that you may not have considered yet.

One of the best things to do is look up local events around your city. Festivals, concerts, fairs, and other types of public events offer a good chance to put your store in front in several new potential customers all at once.

Just be sure to tailor your efforts to the event in question. It's an awesome opportunity to get in front of new folks. You don't want to squander it. Have a plan in place for each event you attend.

Cities, convention centers, newspapers, and even TV stations usually keep a calendar of events if you're looking for a starting point.

It's also a good idea to review how you promote your store in the community. What more could you do? What's not working?

Don't let complacency or fear of change hold you back. You have to welcome change to maximize your long-term success.

by DeQuan Watson

For 16 years, DeQuan Watson owned The Game Closet, an Advanced Plus level store in Waco, Texas. He recently joined Wizards of the Coast as Trade Marketing Manager.

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