Oct 18, 2022 — Events

3 Strategies to Build Repeat In-Store Play

Boost repeat play at your store with these strategies as we approach a season full of play opportunities.

Oct 18, 2022 — Events

3 Strategies to Build Repeat In-Store Play

Boost repeat play at your store with these strategies as we approach a season full of play opportunities.

With several Magic releases behind us—from Dominaria United to Unfinity and Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks—you may have brought new players into your community. You may also have new D&D fans that became interested in the game from your Learn-to-Play D&D Weekend event. One great way to encourage new players to return to your store is through an engaging and creative reward system.

We'll cover different strategies for you to turn your first-time event players into regulars, whether they're visiting your store for Magic or D&D.

Get Repeat Prerelease Play with 30th Anniversary Promos

For Magic's 30th anniversary, we're sending WPN stores a total of 30 different promos over the course of eight Prereleases—one for each year of Magic's history. Use the anniversary promos to elevate Prerelease celebrations at your store.

You'll receive four promos for The Brothers' War Prerelease: Wood Elves, Wall of Roots, Windfall, and Loyal Retainers printed only in Chinese (Simplified).

promos wood elves, wall of roots, windfall, and loyal retainers. Loyal retainers is printed in Chinese (Simplified)

You can use these promos to incentivize multiple event sign-ups at once in your store or save them to distribute as participation prizes during Prerelease. Distribute your 30th anniversary promos in the way that works best to encourage additional event sign-ups within your community.

Start an In-Store League

Creating a league for players allows them to build their skills as they aim to win top prizes at the end of a season. You may also choose to distribute participation prizes to players who come back for two, three, or more events throughout your league period.

In-store leagues also help build your community; introducing your league program during Prerelease is a great way to encourage players to return week over week to compete against one another. Encourage your newer players to return throughout the season to get to know other members of your store's Magic community!

For D&D players in your store, a league may look a bit different: instead of battling against other players for an overall top spot, you may create an Adventurer's League to bring adventuring parties back to continue their campaigns from the D&D Learn-to-Play Weekend event.

An in-store league can take many forms—work with your staff to devise a system that works for your community's needs.

Create a Stamp Card

Whether digital or physical, stamp cards can be an opportunity for you to encourage repeat play or repeat purchases from your customers. If you offer your customers a physical card, take the time to incorporate your store's logo and color scheme; it may help in making your store the most memorable for your customers.

Additionally, stamp cards can be an easy way to track event sign-ups from members of your community who don't have a Wizards Account yet, opening additional opportunities for you to encourage them to create one. That way, they can count toward Engaged Players on your metrics; plus, it streamlines the play experience for them.

When you create your stamp card, consider what reward you want to offer to players who fill it, whether it's a Booster pack or store credit.

An in-store reward system can act as the foundation on which you build your in-store gaming community. There's a lot of room for creativity in how you connect your strategy to your store's overall brand vision. Fill your calendar with events for The Brothers' War season to give your players more opportunity to sign up for multiple events.

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