Oct 1, 2014 — Friday Night Magic

5 Most Common FNM Mistakes

Are you making these mistakes at Friday Night Magic? Here's how to avoid them!

Oct 1, 2014 — Friday Night Magic

5 Most Common FNM Mistakes

Are you making these mistakes at Friday Night Magic? Here's how to avoid them!

With Khans of Tarkir guiding FNM toward a new peak, it's more important than ever to deliver a peak experience, event after event.

Make sure you're up to the challenge by avoiding these five common mistakes.

1. Giving Promos to Just Top 4

Every FNM promises four promos, but only two have to go to your top finishers.

Emily Blasdell of Meeples Games uses FNM promos to make sure every player's trip is worth the effort.

At an FNM last July, one player showed up looking to draft, only to find out the event was Standard. The player headed home, but not without a FNM foil as a parting gift.

2. Turning Away Players Without Standard Decks

Magic Event Decks and Clash Packs are specifically designed to compete at Friday Night Magic. Keep some in stock so no one gets left out.

3. Cancelling When Only 7 (or Less) Show Up

An official FNM needs eight players to fire, but sometimes only seven players show up.

When turnout falls a little short, Jeff MacDougal at 401Games uses WER to schedule a casual event in place of FNM, and he keeps a stockpile of leftover promos for emergencies.

Even when he can't deliver Friday Night Magic, he delivers a great experience.

4. Sticking to the Format—No Matter What

In a perfect world, you'd run every event in the format you scheduled it, and you'd always schedule it early to maximize exposure on our Store and Event Locator.

But in the battle between "change the format" and "turn players away"—change the format wins every time.

Use the "Edit" button in WER, and remember to choose "Save and Sanction" after you make the changes.

5. Only Running One FNM

Game Grid's Bountiful location hit Advanced back in July.

Which of his new benefits is owner Jeff Sharpe most excited about?

Two FNMs a week.

Jeff runs a Booster Draft alongside his FNM, which he runs as Standard, and now he can sanction them both.

Two FNMs doesn't have to mean two Standard events, and it doesn't have to mean sweeping up booster wrappers at 3 AM.

Run two simultaneously, or run them in different formats.

More FNMs means more players, and more players means more profits.

So log into WER and schedule two FNMs today!

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