Mar 21, 2015

The 5 Things Players Want Most

Players describe, in their own words, exactly how they want your store to be.

Mar 21, 2015

The 5 Things Players Want Most

Players describe, in their own words, exactly how they want your store to be.

Last November, a game store employee started this thread on Reddit, an enormously popular social networking site:

"Pretend I'm a fair representation of what you imagine as the average LGS employee. Please tell me how I can change to improve your gaming experience."

What followed was incredibly useful to any game store owner, as players described, in their own words, exactly those qualities they value most in a game store.

On Reddit, users submit content, which is then voted on and sorted according to its popularity. So, to know which qualities gamers value most, we only need to look at what got the most votes:

1. Start Events On Time

Above all, players want things kept punctual.

"Most of us want the event to start on time."

"...let [tardy players] register with a round loss or with the bye."

2. Stop What You're Doing and Help

Players want to know they're a valued guest.

"Don't make it seem like I'm being rude by asking you to do your job."

"I've been to too many places...where I'm treated like I'm bothering them."

3. Tidy Up

Players want a clean, safe environment.

"Hit the bathroom and floors often."

"One of these days I'll have nothing to do and just walk in with some paper towels and various cleaning products..."

4. Learn Your Customers' Names

Players are much more likely to come back your store when they're greeted by name.

"I felt so much more welcome once the owner learned my name. I started coming more often and supporting the store rather than buying online."

"The owner at my LGS shocked me when, after going twice, knew who I was by voice when I called to sign up for a draft. Twice. Made me a loyal customer."

5. Enforce Your Conduct Policy

New surroundings can be intimidating, so it's important to keep it friendly.

"Please be aware of bullying, cheating and offensive behavior..."

"If a player looks uncomfortable ever, talk to them. Super secured my loyalty when an employee noticed a player [violating the conduct policy] and intervened to stop it right there."

Distribute this list among your staff or add it to training for new hires!

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