Aug 25, 2020 — EventLink

5 Things You Can Only Do in EventLink

EventLink is loaded with features that aren't in Wizards Event Reporter. Here are a few of our favorite ways EventLink outshines WER.

Aug 25, 2020 — EventLink

5 Things You Can Only Do in EventLink

EventLink is loaded with features that aren't in Wizards Event Reporter. Here are a few of our favorite ways EventLink outshines WER.

Wizards Event Reporter decommission is coming soon!

If you haven’t started managing your events with Wizards EventLink yet, don't drag your feet—we'll end support for Wizards Event Reporter before the end of 2020.

From then on, all event scheduling and reporting will happen in EventLink.

EventLink is a strict upgrade from WER: it's accessible on all devices, it integrates with Magic Companion, and it even reports your events for you automatically. Getting started couldn't be simpler—just go here and follow the instructions.

By now, you're probably familiar with our new event management tool, Wizards EventLink. In fact, most of the Wizards Play Network is already on board—about sixty percent of WPN member stores have joined the Wizards EventLink open beta.

We're thrilled to see so many WPN members adopting the new tool. But what about the other forty percent? If you're one of them, you're missing out: EventLink is loaded with great time-saving features and quality-of-life improvements that aren't available in Wizards Event Reporter.

Here are a few of our favorite things you can only do in EventLink.

1. Access on Any Device

Because you can access EventLink on any device with a web browser, you're no longer tied to the computer while running events. No more switching between tournament software and your POS system—you can have both of them going on separate devices.

EventLink will even save your tournament information if you switch devices. So, you can start an event on a desktop computer and move it over to, say, a tablet, without losing your tournament data.

Plus, multiple staff and TOs can be logged in at the same time and manage one or several different events simultaneously to make a week of At-Home Prerelease a lot more efficient.

2. Send Results and Pairings Right to Players' Phones

Thanks to EventLink's integration with Magic Companion, players can see their match results and pairings right on their smartphone.

This feature is particularly useful right now—if you're hosting a remote event, it's much easier for players to just check their phones to see who they're playing next than for you to track down all your players virtually and pair them up at the end of every round.

And if you're hosting in-store events, players won't need to group close together to find out who they're playing next or see the standings.

Even in a post-pandemic world, you and your TOs can save time and effort by players already having all the info they need for their next match right at their fingertips.

3. Report Automatically

Once all your results are in and your event has ended, EventLink takes care of reporting for you.

That's right—reporting just happens when you use EventLink, saving you time after your event. Now you can make a dent in work around your store that has a more noticeable impact on sales and customer satisfaction. Or just head home at a more reasonable time on Friday nights.

4. Add Staff Yourself

To give staff members access to Wizards Event Reporter, you need to contact support. But in EventLink, you can save yourself the time on the phone and add staff with the click of a button.

Go to Store Settings in the upper right corner. Then, under Staff Permissions, enter your staff's Wizards Account emails in the "Name" field (…We know. We're still in beta and setting up these other features was a higher priority!), then set their role to Scorekeeper or Admin.

Scorekeepers can run events. Admin can do everything a Scorekeeper can plus add additional staff.

5. Schedule Commander Legends Prerelease

The only way to schedule a Commander Legends Prerelease is to do it in Wizards EventLink! These events will not appear in Wizards Event Reporter.

In fact, if you log into EventLink and schedule your events before September 4, you'll get twice as many promo cards for the event. Get all the details here.

If you're running events, make sure you're saving yourself the most time and effort possible by using EventLink! Go here to get started.

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