Dec 18, 2018

Buy-a-Box: Don’t Get Left Behind

These free-to-download tools can help you get a step ahead of your competition. Find out how.

Dec 18, 2018

Buy-a-Box: Don’t Get Left Behind

These free-to-download tools can help you get a step ahead of your competition. Find out how.

By Talia Armato-Helle, Trade Marketing Specialist, In-Store POP

Every store in the WPN can benefit from the Buy-a-Box promo and the Prerelease Sale Early Promotion.

But not every store has realized the full potential of the promotion.

Did you end GRN Prerelease Weekend with more than half of your Buy-a-Box promos? See what you might be missing and get a step ahead of your competition in time for RNA Prerelease.




Leverage Urgency (Don’t Miss Out!)


The Prerelease Early Sale and Buy-a-Box promotions are limited opportunities, leveraging the power of “the fear of missing out” to drive sales.

That’s why our Buy-a-Box ads include a call to action to preorder and underscore the urgency.

Take this a step further by emphasizing the date and time of pick-up in any messaging you use to feature our ads.


Lean on Social Proof (Everyone is Doing It!)


The fear of missing out goes hand in hand with social proof: the idea that customers are more likely to participate when they know their peers are doing it too.

Here’s a low-cost, low-effort, but impactful incentive to put that concept to work for you:

Post the Magic signup sheet by your point of sale area and tally who has a box reserved. Add a CTA or use our Buy-a-Box table tent with it to highlight the sale.

As your preorders grow, amplify the increasing limited availability in the run-up to Prerelease via social media. Add a countdown clock or some other regular reminder to emphasize the urgency.

In this way you can also take advantage of preorders to get more players into your store on Prerelease.


Visually Connect the Promotion with the Product (Buy This Now!)


In your store, you regularly do this with sales tags.

You can use our Buy-a-Box promotional materials to drive that same behavior—via social media and in your store.

Our Buy-a-Box ads prominently feature the promo card you can offer with the purchase of a full booster display (while supplies last). This visual connection intentionally creates a strong incentive to drive the sale.

But based on the intended placement of the ad, we purposefully emphasize different visual information.

For example, the web banners prominently feature the promo card, but not the booster box. This is because you should place the ad next to your product images on your website to drive preorders.

We take a similar approach with the poster—expecting that you’ll place it near your product on the shelf.

Don’t stop at just one touchpoint. Create as many opportunities for your customers to view the promotion as you can.

RNA Prerelease will be here before you know it. Download Buy-a-Box posters, flyers, and digital ads and start advertising now!

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