Jan 21, 2021

EventLink 2021 Preview

The EventLink team celebrated an exciting milestone in 2020 working with WPN partners like you to launch EventLink. Today, I’m excited to talk about what’s in store for EventLink in 2021, including new functionality.

Jan 21, 2021

EventLink 2021 Preview

The EventLink team celebrated an exciting milestone in 2020 working with WPN partners like you to launch EventLink. Today, I’m excited to talk about what’s in store for EventLink in 2021, including new functionality.

By Bill Stark, EventLink Product Manager

Reminder! Wizards Event Reporter decommission is fast approaching. If you haven’t started managing your events with Wizards EventLink yet, sign up today.

Owner Roles

One of the big achievements with EventLink is removing Wizards from involvement in adding new users to help you manage your event. User roles let you define who has access to run your store’s events. For the Open Beta, we started with two roles:

  • Store Admin: the most powerful role in your store—people with this role can do almost anything at your store that EventLink permits.

  • Scorekeeper: a staff member with the "scorekeeper" role can run events at your store but can’t change any settings, create events, add staff, etc. It allows you to have additional help for events without needing to worry such a user could change anything by accident or malice.

The intent has always been to add additional roles—today, we’re rolling out the first new role: Store Owner. Store Owners can do everything a Store Admin can in addition to these extra caveats:

  • Each WPN business has at least one Store Owner

  • Store Owners will reflect the ownership on the paperwork Wizards has received about your business. If there are any changes, please contact Retail Support to get it updated.

  • Only Wizards staff can remove or change the Store Owners

  • Store Owners are the only role that can accept "Terms and Conditions" for being a WPN member if those terms change at any time

It’s important to note that if the Terms and Conditions for being a member of the WPN change, the Store Owners must accept those Terms and Conditions before any of their other staff can use EventLink to run events for the store.

As the only people who can accept the terms (for now), make sure the people designated as Store Owners at your store are able to do so when needed.

If you’re the owner of a store, you should see this role granted automatically as we roll this feature out. If there are any discrepancies in what appears in Wizards EventLink, please contact Retail Support.


Here are the major bugs we tackled in our latest release:

  • The timer can now be adjusted during an event’s deck construction or drafting phase as well as from the penalty screen

  • Pausing the timer now displays properly when using EventLink Mirror

  • Starting the timer in a new round will automatically update EventLink Mirror

  • A bug that caused the round timer to reset occasionally has been fixed

What’s Coming Up in 2021

Thanks to your voice, our first focus in 2021 is delivering the feature many of you have told us will save you the most time: being able to create many events at once.

We call this feature "bulk event creation," and we’re aiming to roll it out in three phases, starting in February (barring any technical challenges).

  • Phase 1: The ability to create many of the same event all at once. Run a draft every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.? Do you have a store championship on the third Thursday of each month? With a simple click, you can schedule those events all at once without needing to create each of them individually. Schedule events to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Phase 2: Did you make a mistake when creating your event series? Starting with the second phase, you’ll be able to delete the series of events in which you erred and create a new series all at once. This will make it easier to fix any mistakes that might occur.

  • Phase 3: Gaining the ability to edit events individually. After the third phase, you can create a series of events, delete that series in its entirety, or edit individual events in the series, including cancelling a single event without needing to delete all of them.

We’re working on an "event wizard" that will help walk you through sanctioning your official in-store play programs. Like the bulk event creation feature, you’ll be able quickly create multiple events all at once with the added benefit of much of the information being filled out.

We’re also bringing the Two-Headed Giant format to EventLink later this year. While that format makes up a relatively small portion of in-store play, it’s important for its die-hard fans to know we haven’t forgotten it!

I’m really proud of the work the team has done to deliver a great tool in EventLink and incredibly grateful to WPN retailers like you for taking the time to share your feedback. Keep those comments coming! You can send feedback directly through EventLink—the team reads every single piece. Here’s to a great 2021!

It's never been a better time to sign up for EventLink—get started hosting events today to take advantage of these great features and more.

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