Nov 4, 2020 — EventLink, Companion App

EventLink is Better with Companion

Companion takes all the best features in EventLink and makes them even more powerful, saving you time and effort when running events.

Nov 4, 2020 — EventLink, Companion App

EventLink is Better with Companion

Companion takes all the best features in EventLink and makes them even more powerful, saving you time and effort when running events.

Wizards Event Reporter decommission is coming soon!

If you haven’t started managing your events with Wizards EventLink yet, don't drag your feet—we'll be ending support for Wizards Event Reporter before the end of 2020.

From then on, all event scheduling and reporting will happen in EventLink.

EventLink is a strict upgrade from WER: it's accessible on all devices, it integrates with Magic Companion, and it even reports your events for you automatically. Getting started couldn't be simpler—just go here and follow the instructions.

By now, you're probably familiar with the many ways EventLink makes running and reporting events easier than ever.

Today we're going to dive into one of the things that makes EventLink the strict upgrade that it is: Magic Companion.

Companion makes playing a tournament or casual game a breeze. Players have everything they need right on their phones—pairings, results, a multi-format-friendly life counter, and more.

But Companion doesn't just make life easier for players—it makes running and reporting an event quicker and simpler on your end, too. Here's how.

Entering Players into an Event with Companion

Companion makes entering players into an EventLink event simple with Event Codes. All players need to do is enter the code for your event through their Companion app and they're in!

If you're hosting a remote event over your community channel, just post the code listed at the top of the event within EventLink into the community chat. Then, all players who use Companion can enter the code into their app and appear right under your Expedited Players.

Running an In-Store or Webcam Event with Companion

This is a huge one—Wizards EventLink's sync with Magic Companion means players can report their results, check pairings, and more right from their phones when you schedule your events in EventLink.

If you're hosting a webcam event, it's much easier for players to just check their phones to see who they're playing next than for you to track down all your players virtually and pair them up at the end of every round.

And if you're hosting in-store events, you can save time and effort by players already having all the info they need for their next match right at their fingertips—no gathering around in a mass to try to sort out the next pairing.

Running an Arena Event with Companion

You probably heard about EventLink's newest (and one of the coolest) features: results from At-Home events on Arena feed directly into EventLink without any action required from TOs or players.

And when you run Arena events with Companion, the process is even easier.

Players open the app, input your event code from EventLink, and get pairings automatically sent right to their phones, like we mentioned above. And because players sign into Companion with their Wizards Accounts (the same accounts they use for Arena), all the information they need for an Arena Direct Challenge is right at their fingertips.

Then, players Direct Challenge their match, and the results automatically appear in EventLink. All you need to do is hit the round timer!

You can find more information on ArenaLink, including a guide to Arena Direct Challenges, here. EventLink is a powerful new reporting tool all on its own, and using Companion helps your events run even more smoothly. So let your community know! They can find Companion for iOS here and Android here.

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