Apr 23, 2021

EventLink Release Notes: March 31, 2021

EventLink Mirror Updates

Apr 23, 2021

EventLink Release Notes: March 31, 2021

EventLink Mirror Updates

EventLink Mirror Updates

Release Notes: March 31, 2021

EventLink Mirror allows you to display information in a new browser tab, which you can then display using something like Google Chromecast. To activate Mirror, look for this icon:

In our latest release, we’ve expanded the information you can display using Mirror. Here’s what you can now display to your players:

  • Event registration, including the Companion access code for the event

  • Deck building seat assignments for Limited events

  • Drafting seat assignments

  • Player pairings each round

  • End of event standings

If there’s too much information to fit on a single screen, Mirror will automatically scroll back and forth so all information can be viewed.


A portion of each sprint is dedicated to tackling bugs, some of which come to us directly from WPN retailers. If you experience an issue with EventLink, let us know! You can reach out directly through the website, and we read every piece of feedback that comes in.

  • A Magic Companion bug that occasionally reported an unintentional draw for iPhone users has been fixed

  • A bug that caused the wrong player's name to display while registering players has been fixed

  • Players using Magic Companion to track life totals during Sealed Deck matches reported that life totals started at 40. The issue is fixed, and life totals now start at 20 for Sealed matches.

What’s Up Next

Several large improvements for EventLink are currently underway and will be arriving over the next few weeks and months.

The first is an "interstitial" standings phase in between each round. The goal of this feature is to allow players to check their results before moving into the next round. This increases the likelihood of catching mis-reported match results, helping tournaments run more smoothly.

Second, the currency default in EventLink is the United States dollar (USD). For retailers outside the United States, it’s necessary to change currency with each event you make. We’re currently building a solution that will allow you to change the currency once and "remember" that preference moving forward. We expect to deliver this functionality in the next 2—4 weeks.

Finally, we’re completing designs and will start development work on a feature code named "Event Management Wizard" in the coming weeks. In addition to the existing multi-event creation features, this feature will allow you to create all your Wizards-sanctioned play programs at the same time instead of individually. We currently expect to deliver this feature by the end of the second quarter of 2021, though that timeline may shift as we react to the changing marketplace of in-store play as the pandemic starts to wane.

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