Sep 5, 2023 — News

Expanded Prerelease Early Sales Continues!

The Prerelease Early Sales expansion will continue for the foreseeable future.

Sep 5, 2023 — News

Expanded Prerelease Early Sales Continues!

The Prerelease Early Sales expansion will continue for the foreseeable future.

Last year, we announced that your store's Prerelease was about to get a lot bigger: we expanded Prerelease Early Sales to include all products in any quantity, from full display boxes to single cards.

Today, we're eager to share that this expansion to the Prerelease Early Sales promotion is continuing for the foreseeable future. This means your store will continue to be the place for players to get their hands on the full product suite right at Prerelease.

Your Prerelease allocations will still include Prerelease Packs and free Prize Support Set Boosters—outside of your allocation, Wizards of the Coast does not set order limits for individual products. So, you may order as much as you can of the products you want to support your community.

Buy-a-Box promos will continue to be available to customers who buy a full display of Draft, Set, or Collector boosters. Unless otherwise stated, you are free to use surplus promos as you would Promo Packs once the next Standard set has been released. Please note that surplus Promos cannot be used for Premier Play events.

In addition, you may continue scheduling and running Booster Draft events during the week of Prerelease, alongside or in addition to any Prerelease events you may host. Free of charge Prerelease prize support may be used to support Booster Draft events of the new set during this period; however, only official Sealed format Prerelease events will count towards future Prerelease allocations.

Please note, the Prerelease Early Sales Promotion expansion is not continuing at WPN stores in Japan.

WPN Policy Reminders

As part of our initial announcement, we provided some updates on additional WPN Policies. We have seen success from policies put in place over the last couple years, and will be continuing the following policies for the WPN:

  • Week-long Prerelease
  • At-Home Prerelease
  • Hosting private events (as long as the event doesn't have a scheduling limit, such as Store Championship)
  • WPN retailers can offer online sales and are welcome to ship products for delivery during the week of Prerelease

As a reminder, the following pandemic-related policies are no longer in effect, as of The Brothers' War Prerelease:

  • Promo packs will no longer be allowed to be used as sales incentives—they must only be used as sanctioned play incentives.
  • The Buy-a-Box promo can no longer be provided for shipped purchases—you may only pass them out for qualifying full booster displays picked up in-store.
  • Buy-a-Box promos can only be used for sales of full displays of Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters. The Buy-a-Box promo no longer applies to the purchase of 6 Prerelease Packs.

We hope you and your community continue to enjoy the benefit of the expanded Prerelease Early Sales Promotion and an incredible Wilds of Eldraine season. Remember to keep your calendar full of events so players have plenty of opportunity to visit your store.

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