Feb 7, 2022 — Game Day, Promos

Game Day is Coming Soon: Schedule Your Event Today

Reminders for scheduling and running an awesome Game Day event.

Feb 7, 2022 — Game Day, Promos

Game Day is Coming Soon: Schedule Your Event Today

Reminders for scheduling and running an awesome Game Day event.

The return of Game Day is on the horizon. Between February 26 and March 6, you can host a one-day event that encourages players to return to your store to compete for top prizes and show off their skills with Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty cards.

If you haven't scheduled your event in Wizards EventLink, do so today! It only takes a few clicks, and when paired with the Magic: The Gathering Companion App, running competitive tournaments is a breeze.

Here's a reminder of what you need to know for your Game Day event.

Allowed Formats and Tournament Rules

For Game Day, you can host Standard or Brawl events that work best for your community—and you may run Booster Draft and Sealed only using Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty product.

With Swiss rounds cutting to a top eight, we recommend running your event at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level. You can view the complete Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules document here.

If you are unfamiliar with Swiss rounds, this page has additional details about rules and structure.

Game Day Promos

You will receive three types of Game Day Promos in your Promo shipment: one for player participation, one for each of your Top 8 players, and one for the winner.

Note: Due to a logistics issue, retailers in the U.S. or Canada that were supposed to receive 32 or more participation promos will now be receiving 16 fewer participation promos instead.

  • Participation Promo: Consider

  • Top 8 Promo: Fateful Absence

  • First Place Promo: Atsushi, the Blazing Sky

The Participation Promo, Consider, is nonfoil. The Top 8 Promo and First Place Promo are traditional foil.

If you have some players hesitant to make the leap to competitive play, you may alter your prize structure by adding additional booster packs for participation and individual wins.

Scheduling in Wizards EventLink

One of the easiest ways to boost visibility to your Game Day event is by scheduling using Wizards EventLink. Players can find you much faster in the Store Locator if you have events scheduled early, increasing the opportunity for more attendance.

However, you should also share your event schedule on social media and mention it to interested customers in-store.

Wizards EventLink integrates seamlessly with the Magic: The Gathering Companion App, allowing players to automatically navigate tournaments, save their progress, and track wins and losses from their mobile device.

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