Dec 10, 2014

How to Recruit Judges

Find a judge for your next event (and why you should)!

Dec 10, 2014

How to Recruit Judges

Find a judge for your next event (and why you should)!

With more premier events available to more stores, having a local judge for your events is more important than ever before.

So where do you find judges?

Reach out to Your Regional Coordinator

The first step is to contact your regional coordinator who can help you find judges in your area.

Recruit from Within

"I'm always watching my players to look for prospects for judging," says Patrick Day at Uncle's Games. Point players with potential to the Magic Judge Blog where they can find the tools to get started.

Rally Judges Early and Often

James Mackay at Games Laboratory has "a mailing list for local judges, and sends out a call for interest several weeks before our large events."

Reward Your Judges

Mackay builds "the judge compensation into our prize structure—for example, a $20 constructed event adds 3 boosters per player to the prize pool, and 1 booster per play to the judge pool."

Don't Wait for a Preliminary PTQ!

Judges aren't just for premier events!

In Mackay's store, having judges has buoyed enthusiasm for all events. "When players know they can come to a safe environment where they won't be steamrollered by rules lawyers, they are more likely to come back.

"I know I can sit back and concentrate on selling product—my job!—while [the judges] get on with running the best event they can."

Contact your regional coordinator today to get started!

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