Aug 7, 2023 — News

Magic at GenCon: Celebrating 30 Years and Casting Foresee on Years Ahead

In this review of reveals from GenCon, peer into the future to see what Magic has in store for the remainder of this year and beyond.

Aug 7, 2023 — News

Magic at GenCon: Celebrating 30 Years and Casting Foresee on Years Ahead

In this review of reveals from GenCon, peer into the future to see what Magic has in store for the remainder of this year and beyond.

This year, Magic: The Gathering celebrates its 30th birthday, and we recently presented a full suite of announcements at this year's GenCon panel—the very place where Magic: The Gathering's first incarnation was introduced.

Our WPN stores and your community are what have made The Gathering so important over the years, so we've decided to look further ahead on the calendar than ever before and share the vision for the future of Magic.

Universes Beyond in 2023

Reveals have already begun for many sets for the remainder of the year—MagicCon: Barcelona's panel showcased a broad first look at both Wilds of Eldraine and Magic: The Gathering® - Doctor Who.

Universes Beyond is Magic, and its core strength lies in its ability to both excite your existing community by giving them a new venue through which to experience their favorite fandoms. Plus, Universes Beyond helps welcome new players into the fold through innovative gameplay components that stretch Magic's existing lore to encompass these incredible fandoms.

For the full download on all things Universes Beyond, check out the video found over on the Magic website.

Magic Sets Coming in 2024

Moving ahead to 2024, Magic has a full slate of releases that will ignite your community, from more Universes Beyond collaborations to Standard set releases that wrap up the Omenpath Arc (which starts with Wilds of Eldraine) and more.

We'll walk through each of these sets in the order they'll be hitting your shelves.

Ravnica Remastered

Tapping into the nostalgia that makes Remastered sets so fun to play, we're returning to Ravnica once again—and bringing the very best of Ravnica sets together to create an engaging and fun Draft environment for your players.

Murders at Karlov Manor

Ravnica fans will rejoice as we stick around the plane for the first Standard set release in 2024—Murders at Karlov Manor. For your players who love mysteries and suspense, they will enjoy seeing the world of Ravnica through the eyes of its keenest detectives.

If solving a murder mystery sounds similar to another family favorite board game, your sleuthing skills are keen: in Q1 2024, we're partnering with Clue to celebrate their 75th anniversary with Ravnica: Clue Edition—which will be known as Ravnica: Cluedo Edition in regions that use Cluedo instead of Clue. This product brings a twist to multiplayer Magic gameplay where players work together to solve a murder mystery.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction

The next Standard set of 2024 will be the conclusion of the Omenpath Arc, taking players to an all-new location that reimagines the Western genre to bring fun for everyone. Outlaws of Thunder Junction™ is a frontier fantasy where outlaws come to seize their futures—and make a fortune doing it.

Modern Horizons 3

Modern Horizons 2 remains a fan-favorite set for play, and in 2024, we're bringing that back with the release of Modern Horizons 3. Your community can dive right back into what they loved from Modern Horizons 2: a Draft environment that is rewarding, complex, and fun; nostalgic callbacks; and, of course, the return of fan-favorite characters.


Venturing into the second half of 2024, Bloomburrow brings your players to a world without humans: only a ragtag team of anthropomorphic adventurers that must band together to go on an important quest.

This world is full of squirrels, frogs, rats, and rabbits, showing that even the smallest creatures can have a big impact. Bloomburrow additionally marks the beginning of the Dragonstorm story arc.

Duskmourn: House of Horror

Duskmourn: House of Horror is the next Standard set release, juxtaposed from the charming world of Bloomburrow. In late 2024, your players will step into another new world inspired by 1980s horror media: a haunted mansion. The entire set takes place within its eerie walls, building off both horror tropes and the fantasy elements that make Magic so beloved.

Even Further Beyond: Peeking Into 2025-2026

Looking this far into the future is always a bit hazy, and there isn't much we can always share. Moving into code-named premier sets over set names, 2025 and 2026 look a bit like this for Magic:

  • Innistrad Remastered – Innistrad ranks as a fan-favorite plane, and a Remastered set was an ideal way for us to return there as soon as possible to bring fans the best from the plane's history.
  • [Tennis] – As of this publication, work on [Tennis] has it shaping up to be a multiplanar twist on the racing genre.
  • [Ultimate] – Continuing along the trend of revisiting fan-favorite planes, current thinking is that this set will be a revisit to Tarkir—for the first time in 10 years.
  • [Volleyball] – This premier set release will boldly go where Magic has not gone before: even deeper into the science fiction genre, along the lines of space opera.
  • [Wrestling] – At the end of 2025, we'll be returning to Lorwyn for the first time in 15 years, keeping intact what your players loved about it, including goblins, kithkin, faeries, and elves.
  • [Yachting] – With this set, we move into 2026, where there is even less to share; but for this set, current thinking is a return to Arcavios, enrolling in another journey to Strixhaven.
  • [Ziplining] – Finally, to end the alphabet and the sets discussed at GenCon, we have [Ziplining], which is another event-based set not unlike War of the Spark or March of the Machine.

There is much experimentation and exploration on the horizon for Magic: The Gathering, and we are eager to take the dive with you and your community while keeping true to what your gaming community loves about Magic.

While you wait for more details about everything above, you can reel yourself back to the present: the Wilds of Eldraine debut is August 15, promising with it an update to the available marketing materials to get you prepared for the whimsical fall release.

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