May 22, 2024

Modern Horizons 3 – Elevate Play in Your Store with Special Events and Prizes!

May 22, 2024

Modern Horizons 3 – Elevate Play in Your Store with Special Events and Prizes!

Anticipation is building up for Modern Horizons 3, which features high-profile reprints, serialized Eldrazi cards, and multiple nods to Magic's rich history. To amplify the excitement, we've crafted two initiatives—exclusive to stores in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)—to draw players into your store this season!

Boosting Modern Horizons 3 Launch Week with Commander Precon Events

To help support Commander play and sales from the launch of Modern Horizons 3, we encourage you to host special Commander Precon events. These events offer players the chance to engage in multiplayer Commander matches using the new Modern Horizons 3 Commander decks.

How the Commander Precon Events Work:

  • Stores can schedule one or more Commander Precon Event during Modern Horizons 3 Launch week using the specific template detailed below.
  • Players can enter by purchasing a Modern Horizons 3 Commander deck from the store. Players can then participate in multiplayer Commander games.
  • Each player will receive 2 Commander Masters Set Boosters from as a participation reward for taking part in this event (while supplies last).
  • Stores who report both Modern Horizons 3 Prerelease and a Commander Precon Event will be rewarded with a Secret Lair (which will arrive with Bloomburrow).

To help support your events, we will be sending a box of Set Boosters from Commander Masters (24 booster packs) to your store to be used as prize support for these Commander Precon events.

Please make sure you report both your Modern Horizons 3 Prerelease and Commander Precon events using the correct templates to make sure you do not miss out on your Secret Lair reward or negatively impact future Prerelease allocations.

Modern Horizons 3 Commander Precon Event – Event Template

  • It’s a Commander Event Template – Modern Horizons 3 Commander Precon Event.
  • It’s Player List Only – easy to report without having to register match results.
  • Available for running events throughout the full Launch week – Schedule them now!

Limited Eldrazi Series

Modern Horizons 3 Limited Eldrazi Series poster images

From left to right: art by Brent Hollowell, Chase Stone, and Brent Hollowell.

All stores in the EMEA region will receive three foil A3 sized (297 mm by 420 mm) Eldrazi posters from Modern Horizons 3 to be used as first-place prizes during Modern Horizons 3 Limited events. These posters are designed to support Modern Horizons 3 Limited play after the Prerelease Week, by offering exciting first place prizes to entice players to return for three Modern Horizons 3 Limited events following the launch of the set.

How the Limited Eldrazi Series works:

  • Your store will receive three A3 foil Eldrazi posters from Modern Horizons 3—and frames to hang them in—with your Prerelease order.
  • Use these posters as prizes for the winner in any Limited format event you run with Modern Horizon 3 products:
    • Sealed Events
    • Booster Drafts
    • 2-Headed Giant Sealed Events

To maximize impact, we recommend displaying the posters in the provided frames from the moment you receive them. Highlight the opportunity to win these posters any chance you get, from your Wizards EventLink event description to any posts you make on social media.

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