Apr 20, 2021 — Path to WPN Premium

The Path to WPN Premium: Merchandising

Here are examples of great merchandising from global WPN Premium stores and why it works.

Apr 20, 2021 — Path to WPN Premium

The Path to WPN Premium: Merchandising

Here are examples of great merchandising from global WPN Premium stores and why it works.

Product merchandising can have a massive impact. When customers can easily understand your products through their presentation, they're much more likely to buy them.

Nailing down perfect merchandising is also one of the most common challenges when working towards WPN Premium—and we're here to help!

Below are three examples of successful merchandising in WPN Premium stores around the world. These stores vary widely in branding, aesthetic, and inventory, but they all use merchandising techniques that help customers best understand the products. In all instances, the products are clearly organized, easy to browse, and match the store's atmosphere.

These examples focus on Magic displays, but these principals can be used for any product merchandising in your store.

Let's dive in!

Organize Inventory For Easy Browsing

Magic Barcelona is a Tournament Center-style store in Barcelona, Spain, that can hold many players and even more products. The large quantity of product on display behind Magic Barcelona's counter is all neatly organized and clearly priced, making the huge selection easy to browse—and easy to buy.

Magic Barcelona offers a wide range of Magic products and keeps them all neatly organized and easy to browse.

Their large, open displays make it simple for customers to see the entire product lineup at once, find what they're looking for, and decide if it's within their budget. This setup works particularly well for a Tournament Center, where a large customer base may be trying to make a purchase at the same time.

Display Products with Your Customers in Mind

Rare Hunter Shop in Wien, Austria, is a cozy local game store that takes a curated approach to merchandising. They make the most of their space by choosing which products will most appeal to their customers and putting those on display.

Rare Hunter Shop has a curated product line that spans Magic's history, carefully arranged to showcase their select products behind the counter.

The dividers of the individual shelves make it easy to separate one product from another (the older Challenger Decks from the newer ones, for example). The shelves look well-stocked, and the slight space between products helps customers browse each section easily without being visually overwhelmed.

Match Merchandising to Your Store's Aesthetic

Bazaar of Magic in Delft, Netherlands, resembles a high-end showroom. The store's minimal aesthetic immediately draws fans' eyes to the select products on display—and, because they're so neatly organized, it's simple to understand that the products on each shelf are related by set.

Bazaar of Magic has a highly-curated approach to merchandising, with immaculately organized glass display cases.

It's also clear that the products in each case have similarities—the left-hand case has set-specific products (shown by the similar types of product displayed on each shelf), while the middle case holds ancillary products. Fans can quickly determine if the store has what they're looking for based on this clear layout.

When working on your own merchandising, first consider your store's branding and image. A minimalistic display of product in sleek glass cases may work for some stores, but that style of merchandising would be out of place if your store’s goal is to showcase a large array of product.

Whatever the style of your store may be, clear, easy-to-browse merchandising is a must—and your Retail Development Specialist can help you make the most of merchandising in your unique space. Contact your Retail Development Specialist today to start making your store the best it can be.

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