Mar 31, 2022 — Organized Play

Pro Tour Returns! Re-Ignite Your Store's Competitive Play

Prepare to host qualifier events at your store and get a rundown of the upcoming competitive season.

Mar 31, 2022 — Organized Play

Pro Tour Returns! Re-Ignite Your Store's Competitive Play

Prepare to host qualifier events at your store and get a rundown of the upcoming competitive season.

Get ready—the return of competitive play is here! Regardless of your players' experience level within the community, you can encourage them all to get involved with a local qualifier at your local store, kick-starting their journey toward the Magic: The Gathering World Championship.

Depending on your region, WPN Premium stores may have access to perks, such as additional Regional Championship invitations or larger promo allocations. Please check with your regional organizer for specific information.

Today we'll be discussing the four levels of tabletop play: local qualifiers, Regional Championships, Pro Tours, and finally, the Magic: The Gathering World Championship.

Regional Championship Qualifiers

Regional tournament organizers will be working with you directly to schedule Regional Championship Qualifier events at your store through Wizards EventLink. This offers more flexibility in planning the events, for regional organizers and players.

Your Regional Tournament Organizer will sell and distribute your qualifier kit, set your event date and be your first point of contact.

Encourage your players to bookmark these organizers’ websites, too—they'll serve as information hubs for qualifying and finals events in each region:

If you haven't run a large-scale tournament yourself, or it's been a long time and you'd like additional support, you may look to Judge Academy to assist you in connecting with an official Magic: The Gathering judge to help with your event.

By signing up for these events through your regional organizer, you'll receive Promos to celebrate at the local and regional level while supplies last!

The Regional Championship Qualifier Promos, as well as their usage, are as follows:

  • Lava Spike: Nonfoil for participating in local qualifiers. Foil for participating in larger local qualifiers and side events at Regional Finals.

  • Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx: Nonfoil for top finishers at local qualifying events. Foil for the winners of local qualifiers.*

*Please note that kits for multi-slot qualifiers will have a foil Nykthos for each invitation slot, not purely for the winner.

Again, all Promos are available in limited quantities while supplies last. With any questions regarding the exact breakdown of promo prize support, contact your regional organizer.

Regional Championships

Regional Championship details will differ based on each individual region, though the first Regional Championship will be held in late 2022. The number of invites to the Pro Tour awarded, prizes, and any additional information will be communicated for each region by the regional organizer noted above.

Players from the following categories will receive invites to the Regional Championships:

  • Regional Championship Qualifier Winners
  • Players qualified for the next Pro Tour
  • MTGO Qualifiers
  • MTG Arena Qualifiers

In addition, members of the MPL/Rivals from 2021–22 and the Top 16 (not already invited) Challengers from 2022 Worlds Standings will be invited to the first three Regional Championships.

The Promo for Regional Championship is as follows:

  • Teferi, Hero of Dominaria: Nonfoil for participants and foil for top finishers.

Pro Tours

Three times a year, top finishers from the Regional Championships will compete for their share of $500,000 in prizes, an invite to the World Championship, and bragging rights as they claim their place as the best in their region.

Pro Tours will be held in the United States in 2023. While we are mindful of the fluctuating state of international travel, we are hoping to expand outside of the U.S. as soon as we can. The location of each Pro Tour will be announced closer to each event's date.

Magic: The Gathering World Championship

This event will be held later in 2023, in the United States, where approximately 128 players will play for the featured prize pool of $1 million. The exact breakdown by place will be published closer to the event.

While the state of international travel is always in flux, we hope that the World Championships will be held in person.

We've prepared an FAQ to answer some of the questions you may have, and we will share more information about these events as it becomes relevant. You may also reference more details on the Magic website to help answer any questions your players have.

The first local qualifiers will begin July 2 and will be run using Pioneer, Modern, Sealed Deck, or Standard formats. Schedule practice events early to give your players ample time and space to prepare their decks and practice ahead of time.

Plus, the competition has been made more accessible than ever, as players can qualify through digital play using Magic: The Gathering Arena or Magic: The Gathering Online. Please remember that for tabletop events, players must be 13 years or older with parental permission, or 18 years or older without. For digital events, all players must be 18 years or older (no exceptions).

The return of competitive play is bound to be an exciting time for your community—make sure you start planning and contact your Regional Organizer noted above to join.

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