Mar 11, 2024 — Outlaws of Thunder Junction, In-Store Play

Ramp Up Players to Store Championship Using Standard Showdown

Encourage players to try out Store Championship after honing their deck during Standard Showdown.

Mar 11, 2024 — Outlaws of Thunder Junction, In-Store Play

Ramp Up Players to Store Championship Using Standard Showdown

Encourage players to try out Store Championship after honing their deck during Standard Showdown.

With Store Championship moving to being a Standard format-only event, you may find you need to schedule additional opportunities for your community to come together to build and refine their Standard decks—and Standard Showdown is a great way to make that happen.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Standard Showdown kicks off April 19, running through July 25. Outlaws of Thunder Junction Store Championship falls on the day of your choice between May 4 – 12. That's plenty of time for your community to experiment with the latest set release, mold their favorites into Standard decks, and face off in friendly competition.

Standard Showdown Drives Repeat Play

Weekly recurring events are ideal for building repeat play habits among your players, and Standard Showdown is an event you can host weekly. You can schedule the event right now, and set it to recur weekly all in Wizards EventLink.

While Standard Showdown does not feed into the Pro Tour or other competitive play programs, it can be an excellent starting point for players wanting to get a taste of a structured tournament play and hone their skills.

The winner of each week’s event will be rewarded with one of five Omenpath Basic Lands, full-art, traditional foil cards that showcase how some of our heroes have been traversing the planes of the Multiverse.

In your Outlaws of Thunder Junction marketing kit, you'll receive these lands in packs of five. You'll need to open these packs and separate them to ensure you can support your top players week over week, as one player is to be awarded one Omenpath Basic Land per week, while supplies last.

If your store was allocated more than one promo per week, you may provide them to additional Standard Showdown attendees at your discretion but be sure to reserve at least one for each remaining week of the season.

You're welcome to incentivize players to try Standard Showdown with friends by sharing the Bring-a-Friend promo, Cultivate—remember that both new players and their experienced friends receive a copy.

If you have a repeat play program in your store already, be sure to advertise it alongside weekly events such as Standard Showdown. You might even try theming your repeat play program around Outlaws of Thunder Junction, encouraging players to haul home more loot by returning to play all season.

Store Championship Encourages Friendly Competition

Once your players have spent weeks playing together and refining their Standard decks, invite them to play at your Store Championship event! It’s a structured, in-store tournament event that allows your players to truly test their mettle against one another for commemorative promos.

Check out this sizzle reel to pique your players' interest:

Your top players aren't the only ones who will walk away with a promo: Store Championship has participation promos for all players (while supplies last) and Top 8 promos for your top 8 finishers.

Of course, only one player can walk away with the winner promo, but others in your community can grow their collection with a participation or top 8 promo card!

At WPN Premium stores, these promos are extra special, as you’ll receive an extra set of the top 8 and winner promos in nonfoil with your store’s name printed right on the card. Qualifying players should receive both the regular and store name-printed versions of the promo at your event.

If your community enjoys the friendly competitive atmosphere, you can continue to encourage them to bring their best every week at Standard Showdown every week through July 25.

Don't delay another minute—the earlier you schedule, the more likely you are to capture player attention. Head over to Wizards EventLink today and get your Outlaws of Thunder Junction events on the books!

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