Jul 13, 2021 — In-Store Play

Recharge Your In-Store Play Community

How to entice regulars back to your in-store events and attract new players.

Jul 13, 2021 — In-Store Play

Recharge Your In-Store Play Community

How to entice regulars back to your in-store events and attract new players.

Reconnecting with what draws both your long-time Magic fans and new players into your shop is a vital step to hosting great events.

Today, we have some best practices and ideas to share for bringing these two groups into your store for your next event.

1. Keep in Touch with Your Existing Community

Your long-term customers are eager to get back to playing in store. Make sure you're pulling out all the stops so your events stand out from the crowd.

Remind your players how much fun they had in-store by posting photos and memories on your social channels and ask what would bring them back in—player tastes can change a lot in a year. And don't forget: all formats will count towards Engaged Players when metrics are reactivated, so it's easier than ever to schedule exactly what your customers want.

Events like FNM at Home have been a big part of many players' community, and we want to continue supporting that, even as in-store play returns to some regions. The following changes are being made to the FNM at Home program, so you can keep supporting your online community without disrupting your in-store Friday Night Magic events.

Going forward, the program will be called Midweek Magic and run from Tuesday to Thursday. There will be no event the week of July 5. Then, starting on July 13, the first Midweek Magic will run from Tuesday 8 a.m. PST to Thursday 8 a.m. PST. Everything else will stay the same!

The return of in-store play in some regions also offers more opportunities to grow your events and your community by reaching out to new players.

2. Customize Events for New Players

Many new players may not know where to start playing in-store Magic, so be sure to point them to you and help them feel welcome.

Offer events that cater to players who are new to in-store play that may not be ready to compete in a tournament. Participation-based prizing, like the Love Your Local Game Store participation promos, and player list only events create a casual environment that helps ease new players into in-store play.

To bring in even more new faces, consider rewarding existing players for bringing in new customers with Promo Packs or leftover promo cards. 81% of Engaged Players started playing Magic through friends or family, so encouraging your community to get their friends involved is a great way to give your events a boost.

To grab the attention of both new and returning players, it's best to schedule events as early as possible so they're visible on the Store & Event Locator for the most time. If you haven't already, schedule Adventures in the Forgotten Realms in EventLink today to make the most of the remaining time before Prerelease.

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