Jun 25, 2019 — Promos

Revealed: Your M20 Promo Kit

New promo packs, a new Buy-a-Box paradigm, amped-up marketing kits for WPN Premium—it all starts now.

Jun 25, 2019 — Promos

Revealed: Your M20 Promo Kit

New promo packs, a new Buy-a-Box paradigm, amped-up marketing kits for WPN Premium—it all starts now.

Here we go.

The new WPN, announced in March, goes into full effect with Core Set 2020. And the season is officially underway.

New promo packs, a new Buy-a-Box promo in more precise quantities, amped-up marketing kits for WPN Premium—it's all landing in WPN member stores over the next couple months.

Here's a look at what you've got coming:

Arriving in stores June 17–21, 2019 (US, Canada, LATAM) June 24–28 (Remaining Regions)

Magic Buy-a-Box

Available: July 5–7, 2019 (Prerelease); July 12, 2019 (Launch)

M20 inaugurates the new and improved Buy-a-Box/Prerelease Early Sale Promotion system: to help get more product in places where there's more demand, quantities now scale with the size and health of your community, as measured by Tickets and Engaged Players.

That means you'll get an allocation of anywhere from 12 to 156 advance boxes to sell at Prerelease, and you'll hand out one (1) Rienne, Angel of Rebirth with each box you sell.

Core Set 2020 Marketing Kit

M20's marketing kit is designed for evergreen use—keep these up until the next evergreen kit comes a year from now.

Hang this striking poster in a highly-visible area to help promote Core Set 2020.

This is dry-erase for evergreen use.

Use this to spotlight Deckbuilder's Toolkits, Bundles, Theme Boosters, and Planeswalker Decks.

North American WPN members will receive Magic Arena code cards to hand out to players at FNM on August 16*. Around that time, Arena will feature an ad driving players in stores.

*North America only. Quantities are based on FNM attendance since War of the Spark.



Stores that reported at least 32 Booster Draft Tickets during Modern Horizons launch from June 14–16 will find this promotional playmat. (It will arrive in a different shipment than the rest of your M20 materials.) Use it to support in-store play.

Core Set 2020 WPN Premium Kit (WPN Premium Only)

WPN Premium stores will receive this rotating introductory display along with the rest of their kit. (They'll also receive a Magic-branded poster frame and lighted sign in September. See below.)

Arriving in stores June 24–28, 2019

Universal Promo Packs

Core Set 2020 brings the universal Promo Pack into stores for the first time.

They're loaded with promo-stamped rares, and one in four will have Japanese-only alternate-art planeswalkers—available outside of Japanese War of the Spark boosters for the first time. Plus, one in four packs will have all-foil contents, including the Japanese planeswalkers, when they appear. (Foil packs will be clearly marked.).

Here's what's inside:

  • A promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from the most recent set.
  • A promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from a short, curated list. (These lists will be public.) One in four packs will have a Japanese planeswalker instead.
  • A promo-stamped alternate-art basic land.
  • An alternate-frame promo card in the style of past Friday Night Magic promos.

Core Set 2020 Welcome Decks

Magic Welcome Decks get their annual refresh with M20, and you'll get forty of them* to run demos at Magic Open House.

And remember: Welcome Decks are designed to springboard players into a Planeswalker Deck. That's why you'll have an allocation of Planeswalker Decks to sell at M20 Open House.

*Quantities vary by region

Arriving in WPN Premium Stores September 2019

Magic Lighted Sign

Magic Poster Frame

If you're interested in WPN Premium, and you think it's right for you, we believe it's within your reach—whoever you are. Check out the resources below to find out more about the program.



Download Now: Digital Marketing Materials


We've got a whole new suite of marketing materials, including product shots, posters, social media content and more on our Marketing Materials page. Download a few examples below.

Learn-to-Play Magic Playmat

Print this out and use it as a teaching tool at Open House. Download here.

Magic Open House Poster

Download here.

New Player Ads

Download here.

Core Set 2020 season kicks off at Open House Jun 29, with Prerelease and the Prerelease Early Sale Promotion to follow on July 5. Contact your distributor today for your full allocation!

Date of kit arrival may vary by region.

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