Jan 20, 2021 — Set Booster

Set Boosters: Answers to 3 Common Questions

Mark Heggen, Product Architect at Wizards, answers 3 common questions about Set Boosters so you can help your fans find the perfect product for them.

Jan 20, 2021 — Set Booster

Set Boosters: Answers to 3 Common Questions

Mark Heggen, Product Architect at Wizards, answers 3 common questions about Set Boosters so you can help your fans find the perfect product for them.

Since the introduction of Set Boosters, players have had a lot of questions about which type of booster they should buy. Enter Wizards Product Architect Mark Heggen.

Mark is one of the Wizards minds behind the Set Booster and is here to help you answer those questions for your fans—and to make sure they leave with the booster that gives them the Magic experience they'll most enjoy.

In case you need a quick refresher: Set Boosters are designed to be fun to open. "Set Boosters are our opportunity to give someone who wants to crack a pack and jump into the latest set the best experience," says Mark.

1. What Makes a Set Booster More Fun to Open than a Draft Booster?

While Draft Boosters (the classic Magic booster we all know and love) have been a staple of the Magic community for decades, about two-thirds of boosters that get opened are not drafted. That means a majority of Magic fans have an opportunity to experience the game in a new way with Set Boosters.

"There's more room for possibility," Mark says. "You can open a Set Booster with extra Mythics. You can open a Set Booster with an old card that hasn't been printed since you were born. Those are things you just can't do with a Draft Booster."

That doesn't mean Draft Boosters aren't fun to open—that Rare/Mythic Rare slot can be really cool. But there's more freedom to create an exciting pack when a balanced draft experience isn't a concern.

"If you want a fun opening experience, we built the Set Booster for you," Mark adds.

2. Are Set Boosters Better for New or Experienced Players?

Set Boosters are designed for those that aren't drafting—regardless of how long they've been playing or how competitive they are. If they’re curious about matching the booster to their skill level, let them know it's more about the experience.

"We are pretty confident that if you're going to open a booster on your couch or on the ride home, a Set Booster is more likely to make you smile," says Mark. "All the research we've done says that people are having more fun if they're going to open it in that context."

"It's not about being a stronger player or a weaker player," he says. "It's not about being a newer player or an enfranchised player. I've been playing Magic for 24 years, and if I'm not drafting, I have more fun with Set Boosters just because they're meant for that experience."

3. Should I Buy Draft Boosters or Set Boosters?

There was only one type of Magic booster for decades, so it's understandable that players might not know which type of booster is right for them. Some players simply want to know what to buy so they can dive right in.

"Ask what they're going to do with their booster," says Mark. "Once you get the answer, it's as simple as, 'If you're going to Draft, get a Draft Booster. If it's anything else, try a Set Booster.'"

The best part about Set Boosters is that they encourage players to keep cracking and they're constantly evolving to meet the needs of players—and the needs of store owners.

For example, we've made a few changes to Set Boosters for Kaldheim since you last saw them—twenty special thematic cards have been created for Kaldheim Theme Boosters, and fans will have a chance of getting some of these unique cards in Set Boosters as well!

Here's what you can expect to find in a Kaldheim Set Booster:

"We're going to keep seeing what works and what's exciting for store owners and our customers," says Mark. "Keep telling us what is or isn't working for you. We're building these for you, so let us know what’s working and what’s not."

Kaldheim Set Boosters will be available for all WPN members to sell starting February 5. Call your distributor today.

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