Jan 30, 2024 — Murders at Karlov Manor, In-Store Play

Standard Showdown Overview for Murders at Karlov Manor

Get a refresh on all the key components coming with Standard Showdown.

Jan 30, 2024 — Murders at Karlov Manor, In-Store Play

Standard Showdown Overview for Murders at Karlov Manor

Get a refresh on all the key components coming with Standard Showdown.

As mysteries are unraveled at Karlov Manor, Standard Showdown makes its return, giving your players the space to visit your store every week and put their Standard constructed deck to the test. Top players will walk away with fun promos; plus, this event can be a great lead-in to your Store Championship event for the season.

Today, we'll cover all the details you need to know to help get your Standard Showdown running for Murders at Karlov Manor season.

Run Two or More Events in February, Earn an Oversized Magic Card

If your store runs two or more Standard Showdown events during the month of February, you'll qualify to receive an oversized Magic card, sent with your Outlaws of Thunder Junction promo shipment. This oversized Magic card is to be used for in-store display and is subject to our marketing materials policy.

Photo of oversized Magic card, Resplendent Angel

The start of Standard Showdown is merely days away—don't miss the opportunity to earn this WPN-exclusive benefit and schedule your February Standard Showdown events right now.

Use Lunar New Year Promos to Kick Off Standard Showdown

For the opening events of Standard Showdown, WPN stores outside of Asia-Pacific have an awesome pair of promos to use to celebrate the kickoff of the event in tandem with the Lunar New Year—two Year of the Dragon promos!

Please note that WPN retail stores in Asia-Pacific will distribute these promos as part of a separate region-specific program.

For participating players, hand them a copy of Dragonlord's Servant while supplies last. Then, for the winner of your first Standard Showdown event, hand them a copy of Sarkhan Unbroken. This should be in addition to your weekly Full-Art Omenpath Basic Land promos for the top players in your Standard Showdown events.

Hand Out Full-Art Omenpath Basic Lands to Top Players Each Week

During your entire Standard Showdown season, you'll provide your top performers with one Omenpath Basic Land at each weekly event, while supplies last. For stores that received enough promos to hand out more than one promo per week, we suggest you divide your promos among your Standard Showdown events by handing one promo to the top performer and distributing extras to players down the standings.

Please note that your lands will come in packs of 5; you must break these apart to have enough promos to support your top players all season long.

The Omenpath Basic Lands will be full-art, traditional foil cards that showcase how some of our heroes have been traversing the planes of the Multiverse.

Bringing back Standard Showdown is one piece of our efforts to revitalize Standard—and we hope you and your community enjoy fitting Murders at Karlov Manor into the Standard puzzle.

Invite Your Community Using Social Media Advertising

In case you missed it, Standard Showdown social media images were added to our marketing materials page, ready for you to download and use across your channels.

Standard Showdown 1:1 ratio social media ad

Standard Showdown kicks off February 9—don't wait another day to schedule your events in Wizards EventLink if you haven't already! Then, you can start a conversation with your players to build hype around the event.

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