Nov 1, 2023 — In-Store Play

Summer of Magic is Coming!

Read inside for the details on how to run Summer of Magic events and what promotional materials you'll use to support each event at your store.

Nov 1, 2023 — In-Store Play

Summer of Magic is Coming!

Read inside for the details on how to run Summer of Magic events and what promotional materials you'll use to support each event at your store.

Summer is coming up quickly, and the Planeswalkers are making a splash with a new event program spanning across two months for WPN stores in Australia and New Zealand—Summer of Magic!

Summer of Magic Planeswalkers key art

What is Summer of Magic?

Summer of Magic is a great opportunity for you to boost your community engagement with weekly Friday Night Magic events that are paired with incredible prizes for participants and winners—no matter what format you choose!

The festivities kick off December 1 with a Chaos Sealed event, supported with product kits that make running the event a breeze. Each kit contains the following items:

  • 4 Draft Boosters—one from each of the following sets:
    • The Brothers’ War
    • Phyrexia: All Will Be One
    • March of the Machine
    • Wilds of Eldraine
  • 1 Jumpstart 2022 Booster
  • 1 Collector Booster at random, from one of the sets listed above

Your store will receive an allocation of product kits to purchase, so pick up as many kits as you may need to support the events through your preferred distributor.

A Chaos Sealed event works similarly to any other Sealed event you may host—players will open their Booster packs and build a deck with the cards inside, then face off in 3 rounds of Swiss matches to determine a winner.

The "chaos" element comes from the variety of packs used for each player's Sealed pool; it can be a fun challenge to discover ways to get each set to synergize together.

After December 1, the Summer of Magic event period runs until January 26, allowing you to run weekly Friday Night Magic events that cater to your community's preferences—be it Commander, Draft, Sealed, or more—while they earn sweet rewards for attending and winning games.

What are the Summer of Magic promotional items?

To support all your Summer of Magic events, you'll receive the following summery promotional items based on your community size:

  • For event winners: Beach towels – 2 designs
  • For participants (while supplies last; first come, first serve): Magnets – 6 designs
  • For participants (while supplies last): Sunglasses

There are two designs for the beach towels—one featuring the Planeswalkers your players know and love having a fun day at the beach, and the second featuring the Summer of Magic logo. You will receive two promo kit shipments: one in November to be used in December, and one in December to be used in January.

Provide one beach towel, one design for each month, to the winner of each week's Summer of Magic event while supplies last.

Summer of Magic Planeswalkers key art
Summer of Magic key art

The magnets each feature one of the beach-ready Planeswalker designs (plus a relaxed koala)—provide one magnet to each participant while supplies last, including the winners of your Summer of Magic events. These magnets make an exciting reward for your Friday Night Magic players.

Six magnets, featuring Chandra, Nissa, Ajani, Liliana, Jace, and a koala sitting in an inner tube holding a sand shovel

The sunglasses come in a variety of styles, each tying together the theme of summer fun. Players can expect to see designs with flower rims and bright colors like blue, pink, orange, and yellow. Provide one pair of sunglasses to each Summer of Magic participant.

On top of the above promotional items, you'll receive a poster to display prominently in-store to let all your walk-ins and regulars know that the Summer of Magic is on!

Summer of Magic posters

The poster will begin arriving this week, with your shipment of The Lost Caverns of Ixalan promotional items.

How do I run Summer of Magic events?

To get started with your Summer of Magic events, head to Wizards EventLink! From there, you can select the Friday Night Magic event template and fill in the details. You can schedule as many Summer of Magic events as you like from December 1 through January 26.

For the December 1 Chaos Sealed event, be sure to select "Chaos" as the set. After the December 1 event, you can run the event format your community prefers—just be sure to let them know about the awesome prizes available!

The sooner you fill your calendar with events, the sooner you can begin advertising, so don’t delay! Open Wizards EventLink and get your Summer of Magic events scheduled today.

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