Aug 14, 2018 — Retail Support

Support Changes: New Hours, Dedicated Reps

We’ve changed how our Retail Support team operates. Get details here.

Aug 14, 2018 — Retail Support

Support Changes: New Hours, Dedicated Reps

We’ve changed how our Retail Support team operates. Get details here.

We’re making two changes to our Retail Support team aimed at delivering more value to WPN members.

First, starting immediately, Retail Support will answer your calls and emails Monday–Friday, 9am–noon, 1pm–5pm.

Second, WPN members will soon have a dedicated representative from our Retail Development team.

Here are the details:


New Support Hours: Monday–Friday, 9am–noon, 1pm–5pm PST


Some background: these changes have been made possible by the sunsetting of Wizard Direct sales, which you can read about here.

Ending Direct Sales program frees our support team to spend more time working one-on-one with WPN members.

Our support staff consists of two teams: “support” and “development.” Support troubleshoots while development works with stores to help them make the most of their WPN membership. This change allows us to expand the development team, and each member will have a fixed list of stores.

We also think the new hours will create greater predictability for WPN members, in terms of hold times.


Big news day! Here’s what else is happening:
  • US and Canada: Direct Sales Ends 8.31. See how and why here.
  • Updates to Alcohol and Age Restrictions. We’ve updated a couple policies. Details here.


Coming this Fall: Dedicated Development Reps


Some of you may remember regional reps from a few years back. We’re going back to a similar system.

Like we said, this change allows us to expand our Retail Development team, who works with stores to help make sure WPN members are getting everything they can out of their membership benefits. Each rep will work with a specific list of territories. We expect to introduce you to your rep by the end of October.

We’ve learned that having a dedicated rep helps us understand your store and your unique situation—which is crucial to the Development team’s goals. This way, we can tailor our support to each individual WPN member and create an overall better one-on-one experience.

To be clear—troubleshooting questions (like “where are my FNM promos?” or “how do I run this event in WER”) will continue as-is: call in with your question, get an answer from the first rep available. Just give the normal phone number a call and our Retail Support reps can help.

Overall, we hope these changes will help streamline our support and create greater predictability, shorter hold times, and a more personalized experience for WPN members.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

By Nataly Scheidt

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