Aug 22, 2015

What Are You Missing?

Here's what players say you need to make your store great.

Aug 22, 2015

What Are You Missing?

Here's what players say you need to make your store great.

Last April, this thread appeared on reddit, the social networking site:

I'd like everyone to share what they feel their store does that's great and cultivates an awesome experience.

In the 85 comments that followed, users listed those areas where their store is succeeding.

Are you succeeding in the same areas?

Here's what players had to say:

1. You're clean.

Pros: it is very clean, always very orderly.

...cleanest game shop I have ever been to...


2. You switch it up.


Pros - tourneys for different formats multiple times a week and on weekends.

...wide support for formats, from Pauper all the way through Legacy.

3. You have food and drink.

Pros: ...area for eating (big plus since tournaments run late)...


4. You're inclusive.

Gay and woman friendly.

A larger than usual amount of women and LGBT than you see at most stores. I haven't witnessed any sexism or discrimination.

5. You're kid-friendly.

Pros: actively helps new players, especially kids with their parents. Won't sell anything to them unless they know what they actually want to buy, as he doesn't want them to regret it later.

My [local game store] runs separate FNM events for super young kids.

6. You're punctual.

Pros: ...they consistently have events start on time.

The events fire on time but will wait if everyone agrees to wait for someone on the way.

7. You remember names.

I really go there for singles and Prereleases and the occasional FNM and many of them actually remember my name which is surprising.

Great owners, who even after not seeing me for over a year remembered my name and made me personally feel important.

8. You stream event coverage. streams of big tournaments...

Miss any? Get moving!

By Matt Neubert


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