Aug 24, 2022 — Dominaria United, Promos

What's Coming in Your DMU Marketing Kit

A full suite of promos is headed your way—here's a reminder of how to use what's in your kit.

Aug 24, 2022 — Dominaria United, Promos

What's Coming in Your DMU Marketing Kit

A full suite of promos is headed your way—here's a reminder of how to use what's in your kit.

It's almost time to bring your players back to Magic's most storied plane, Dominaria, with a heroic battle for the ages in Dominaria United. You'll begin receiving your marketing kit as soon as August 26, so now is the time to make sure you have all your events for the season scheduled and kick your advertising to your players into high gear.

As a reminder, your Dominaria United marketing kit contains the following:

  • 1 set poster

  • Dominaria United 30th Anniversary Prerelease promos—Serra Angel, Ball Lightning, and Fyndhorn Elves

  • Buy-a-Box promos—Llanowar Loamspeaker

  • Game Day promos (Participation, Top 8, and First Place—Touch the Spirit Realm, Workshop Warchief, and Shivan Devastator)

  • Store Championship promos (Participation, Top 8, and First Place—Spell Pierce, Gilded Goose, and Omnath, Locus of Creation)

  • Welcome Boosters

  • Promo Packs

  • Unfinity Participation promos—Water Gun Balloon Game

  • Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks Participation promos— Fabricate

WPN Premium locations will be receiving everything listed above, plus the following additional materials to support Commander Party events:

  • 1 Commander Party Poster

  • 100 Commander Party Promos

  • 100 Commander Party Faction Cards (1 variety)

  • 1 set of Commander Party Instructions

In addition, WPN Premium stores who achieved their designation prior to February 11, 2022 receive a set of nonfoil Store Championship promos with their store name printed on them in addition to their traditional foil promos.

That's a ton of promos—and today we're breaking down everything coming your way, so you're fully prepared for this packed season.

Dominaria United 30th Anniversary Promos

We're celebrating Magic's 30th anniversary with a set of 30 promos—one for each year of our history. The first three promos coming with your kit celebrate 1993, 1994, and 1995: Serra Angel, Ball Lightning, and Fyndhorn Elves. Remember, Fyndhorn Elves appears in German in all regions.

Pass out 30th Anniversary Promos to players participating in Dominaria United Prerelease events however you see fit. We encourage you to give priority to players who preregister. Keep in mind, the surplus promo policy applies to all 30th Anniversary promos.

Buy-a-Box Promo: Llanowar Loamspeaker

Give a Buy-a-Box Promo to customers who purchase one of the following Dominaria United products:

  • Draft Booster Display

  • Set Booster Display

  • Collector Booster Display

  • Jumpstart Draft Booster Display

  • 6 Prerelease Packs

  • Buy-a-Box promos change with every Standard set, and at your discretion you may limit the number of Buy-a-Box promos a customer can receive.

    Game Day Promos

    Every quarter, your players can gather in-store to test their mettle against their peers in competitive play supported by three promos: Touch the Spirit Realm, Workshop Warchief, and Shivan Devastator.

    Here's how you'll pass them out to players:

  • Provide one participation promo, Touch the Spirit Realm, to each participant while supplies last.

  • Provide one Top 8 promo, Workshop Warchief, to each player in the top-8 of the tournament.

  • Provide the first place promo, Shivan Devastator, to the first-place winner of the event.

  • Plus, Shivan Devastator is new to Dominaria United, making it an exciting card to use to help advertise the event to players. The next Game Day event runs September 17–25, so be sure to schedule your event today.

    Store Championship Promos

    Store Championship events are another way to spark friendly competition between players in your store, and like Game Day, the event is supported by three traditional foil promos: Spell Pierce, Gilded Goose, and Omnath, Locus of Creation.

    Pass them out to players in a similar way to Game Day:

  • Provide one participation promo, Spell Pierce, to each participant while supplies last.

  • Provide one Top 8 promo, Gilded Goose, to each player in the top-8 of the tournament.

  • Provide the first-place promo, Omnath, Locus of Creation, to the first-place winner of the event .

  • If your store achieved WPN Premium before February 11, 2022, you'll get a second set of nonfoil promos with your store name printed on them to hand out in addition to your foil promos. This means that your first-place winner receives both the traditional foil and nonfoil version of Gilded Goose.

    Store Championship runs from October 15–23, so don't forget to schedule your event in Wizards EventLink.

    Welcome Boosters

    Welcome Boosters contain a sampling of cards to help guide new players through their first steps of Magic: The Gathering—give them to new players interested in Magic that complete a demo game at your store.

    Note that Bring-a-Friend promos typically ship with the release of every Standard set, but due to production issues, Bring-a-Friend promos will not be arriving with your Dominaria United promo kit.

    Your next supply of Bring-a-Friend promos will be with your The Brothers’ War promo shipment later this fall. You will receive additional shipments of Bring-a-Friend promos ahead of each subsequent Standard release through 2023.

    Promo Packs

    Promo packs are a pivotal material for you to use in-store to reward players and support your in-store events. WPN members receive a quantity of promo packs based on their play metrics with each Standard set release.

    At events, you can use promo packs to reward positive player behaviors such as mentorship or as prizes. You can open promo packs on stream or in front of your players and use the cards individually to support your events or other initiatives you have in your store.

    WPN Premium Commander Party Promo

    Speaking of WPN Premium, Dominaria United kicks off a series of four interconnected Commander Parties that will last the course of the next four Standard set releases. Commander Party events are fun, interactive story events where players' actions guide the course of the narrative.

    Commander Party materials are available only in English, but the promo is a Phyrexian language promo that you can pass out to participants while supplies last.

    The deadline to qualify for hosting a Commander Party for Dominaria United was July 1, and the deadline to host The Brothers' War Commander Party is quickly approaching, on September 2.

    Future Events: Unfinity and Universes Beyond: Magic x Warhammer 40,000 Promos

    The last two promos you'll find in your Dominaria United marketing kit are to support events this October, with the launch of Unfinity and release of Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks.

    Use the Unfinity promo, Water Gun Balloon Game, to reward participants at your Unfinity Launch Party while supplies last.

    The Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks promo, Fabricate, supports your Commander Launch Party event. Pass out this promo to participants while supplies last.

    Remember, you can always find detailed information about our promos on our promo hub.

    Your Dominaria United marketing kits and your D&D Demo kits begin arriving August 26, so head over to Wizards EventLink and be sure your events for this whole season are scheduled, so you're ready to run your smoothest events yet.

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