May 10, 2018

Before You Schedule M19…

Scheduling for Core Set 2019 is open! Here are 5 things you should know.

May 10, 2018

Before You Schedule M19…

Scheduling for Core Set 2019 is open! Here are 5 things you should know.

Scheduling for Core Set 2019 opens today!

Here are a few things to know before you schedule your events:

1. Planeswalker Decks available at Open House

Sign up for Open House and get an allocation of twenty Planeswalker decks—your chance to send new players home with the latest set two weeks early.*

*(Allocation quantities vary by region. Contact your local support team for more information.)

Open House is the best new player event ever. If you exclude Prerelease, the five Open Houses that have taken place so far are the five most successful new player events in the history of organized play. That's tens of thousands of new players.

We expect that success to continue with Core Set 2019, and, for that set only, you can send them home with the current product, designed specifically for them.

They've also got revised contents and a new MSRP to make them the best possible acquisition product.

  • MSRP is $10.99 (down from $14.99. Applies to North America only.)
  • They include 1 booster pack (instead of 2)
  • There are 5 of them—one for each of Magic's colors
  • Displays include 10 decks (two of each)
  • They're designed to integrate seamlessly with Welcome Decks

You'll still get an allocation of Planeswalker Decks for Open Dueling at Prerelease, in addition to your Open House allocation. Choose your distributor when you schedule Open House. (Doesn't have to be your Prerelease distributor.)

2. New Welcome Decks

Welcome Decks get their first refresh since Amonkhet, just in time for the new core set. They're loaded with cards from the new set, plus they've got stronger integration with Planeswalker Decks, allowing for an easier transition between products for new players.

To point out just one obvious connection, there are five Planeswalker Decks, one for each color—so whichever Welcome Deck they're drawn to, there's an affordable first purchase to go with it.

Sign up for Core Set 2019 Open House to receive 20 Welcome Decks in your event kit.

3. Additional Acquisition Tools

The Open House kit also comes with a learn-to-play flipbook (similar to the one for Magic 2015, for those of you who remember). And if you schedule your Prerelease events you'll get a marketing kit with a display table for the Welcome Decks, plus other goodies. (Display table is North America only.)

This display is promotional material designed to grab the attention of potential new players and start them on the path of becoming an engaged Magic player.

4. Playable FNM Promos, League Collection Boxes, and Store Championship Kits All Return

You'll get another round of playable, alternate-framed FNM promos, plus twenty collection boxes for your league players (with some fan-favorite art that we will totally show you at some point), and the full complement of Store Championship goodies: playmat, deckboxes, full-art promos.

5. New Lands in Standard Showdown Boosters

The popular Standard Showdown booster packs get a refresh: the Rebecca Guay lands rotate out in favor a new cycle of basics with panoramic art from Alayna Danner. You'll see them when we get closer to M19 season.

No need to delay. Log into WER and schedule your Core Set 2019 events today.

By Jordan Comar

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