May 15, 2023 — Events, In-Store Play

Your March of the Machine Commander Party Checklist

Review the relevant materials, how to engage new players, and tips for running an epic Commander Party at your store.

May 15, 2023 — Events, In-Store Play

Your March of the Machine Commander Party Checklist

Review the relevant materials, how to engage new players, and tips for running an epic Commander Party at your store.

The March of the Machine Commander Party event is next weekend—from any day between May 26 – 28, you can schedule a one-day event where players will gather to take the final stand against the Phyrexian threat and save the multiverse.

Commander Party is a one-day only, WPN Premium-exclusive event that applies a unique set of rules that alter the course of a Commander game—plus, everyone's actions throughout the game help determine elements of the story.

Review Your Commander Party Materials

The epic story that began with Dominaria United concludes with March of the Machine. For the past three set releases, WPN Premium stores have been guiding their players around one map. Your store will use this map one final time for your store’s March of the Machine Commander Party event.

If your store recently earned a WPN Premium designation, you may run catch-up Commander Party events leading up to your Commander Party for March of the Machine. Your Commander Party Instructions will also provide guidance to set up your map if you are unable to run additional events beforehand.

Players will get another Phyrexian-language promo to add to their collection: Beast Within.

Phyrexian-language Beast Within

Each WPN Premium store will receive 100 promos, meaning you'll have the following materials to use for your Commander Party:

  • 100 Phyrexian-language Beast Within promos
  • 1 Commander Party poster
  • 98 Faction cards
  • 1 copy of Commander Party instructions

Commander Party materials are only available in English—except the Phyrexian-language promo, of course, which is only in Phyrexian.

Soon, all WPN stores will have the opportunity to run Commander Party events, beginning with the Commander Party for The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth.

Get New Players Onboarded with Fun

While the story of each of the last three Commander Party events was connected, your players don't need to be caught up on the lore to jump into the fun. Interested players don't even need to bring their own deck from home to participate. If they're just getting started with the format, you can suggest one of the recent Commander Decks from your stock for them to purchase before playing—and it doesn't have to be one from March of the Machine, either.

The modified rules for each Commander Party draw on the theme from the most recent set release—and for March of the Machine is all about coming together to take a stand against the Phyrexians, cunning and powerful creatures that seek control of the multiverse.

For your Commander Party players that want to catch up on the Phyrexian story arc but don't know where to start, point them toward to the Magic Story Podcast or the Magic Story articles.

Tips to Run a Commander Party

Commander Party is a casual event with some flavorful rules to add to the fun, but like any event in your store, communication is key to success. Here are a few other tips to make sure your Commander Party goes off without a hitch:

  • Start a timer and let it run for 2 hours. Display it on a screen, if possible, and warn your players once the timer indicates there are 15 minutes remaining.
  • Organize your materials ahead of the event to make passing them out to players simple.
  • Download and print your instructions in advance—these instructions include set-up information and read-aloud segments for key moments during the event.

If you haven't already, make sure you have all the marketing materials you need to advertise your event to players on social media. And don't forget to schedule your event in Wizards EventLink so new players can find you on the Store & Event Locator.

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