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(Updated October 2015)


  • Current WER Version:

Recent WER Updates and Added Features:

October 2015

  • When a player is already enrolled in an event and a user attempts to add them again, an error message is being displayed that does not include the DCI number and name of the player. To make it easier for users to identify these players, the error message now includes a DCI number and name for the player that was not enrolled.
  • To help identify events when many windows are open at one time, an event description has been added to the tournament window. This information is manually set when creating the event and also displayed in Calendar mode.
  • There was an issue while importing a player list. When players are skipped because they have already been imported there is no message to specify they were skipped due to duplication. The message has been updated and will now display the names of the players that were skipped/added.
  • We have upgraded functionality when hitting the cancel button during player enrollment, to make the cursor return to the DCI # field. This will remove an extra step when enrolling players in WER.
  • The scroll bar no longer automatically moves to the top of the list of available printouts and will now require a manual scroll to return to the top.
  • We wanted the system to provide detailed information when importing players during event enrollment. Currently, the user sees a pop-up window that states "Import Completed with errors" which displays failed rows but all the user can do is click OK and close the box.  This process has been updated for a better overall experience.
  • Players will now be unable to make edits to Cancelled events.
  • Cancelled events will now show up as “cancelled” on the status of the event in the Calendar View.
  • A Cancel option has been added to the late player enrollment. This will give users an option to cancel if they have made a mistake.
  • Players who have enrolled late into an event will now go to the last table instead of the first.
  • After saving a new penalty, the previous penalty information will be wiped and set back to the default.
  • There was an issue while printing that caused the system to become inoperable until the print job is completed. This issue has been corrected so now users can continue using the application while the printing is occurring.
  • The ability to force updates to users had now been added. This will allow us to send updates to our users as needed.
  • After importing players from a file or removing a player, the select all checkbox remains checked although no player is checked. This issue has been corrected and is now working as expected.
  • An error message has been reported when creating an event and enrolling a player with the “Loss” option in the penalties section. Users are seeing an unhandled error message that prevents them from further action. This has been resolved and no error message is being displayed and users are free to move throughout the penalty page.
  • Players who are enrolled late were not actually being enrolled into the event correctly.  The issue has been resolved and now when enrolling late players, WER asks if the late player should receive a Loss or Bye.  Once that has been determined, they are added to the event properly.
  • The WIX Updater has been updated to only download and execute the ReporterSetup.exe. The update would change the updater to download the executable to a temp directory, run setup, and then remove the downloaded executable.
  • The WIX UI has been updated to work with the updater.
  • Enhancements have been made to make the WIX build faster.
  • WER Side Events Mode:

  • We discovered an issue when importing a batch upload to WER.  Events are being imported to regular WER mode instead of WER-Side Event mode. This issue has been corrected and should now behave the same as the single import option but with multiple events.
  • An issue was discovered when completing a batch import it was preventing side events from properly importing the side events in WER. Users would receive an error message saying that there are no events found to import. This issue has been fixed and side events are now being properly imported with no errors.
Wizards Event Reporter (WER) is software that helps you to create and manage your Wizards Play Network events. Schedule Casual and Rated events, generate pairings and standings, and report results. Download WER and start running your events today!

System requirements

  • Windows XP (32- or 64-bit)/ Windows Vista (32- or 64-bit)/ Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)/ Window 8 and 10

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