EventLink Release Notes: August 3, 2021

EventLink Release Notes: August 3, 2021

August 3, 2020 | 2 min to read

Release Notes: August 3, 2021

A new phase in the life of the Companion app, new EventLink features created in part based on feedback from retailers, and more in our latest update. Let’s go!

Card Database Early Access

The Companion team released an early access preview of the Card Database feature in the Companion app. This new functionality allows users to view every Magic card in the game’s history, with tens of thousands of inclusions. It’s a highly requested and exciting feature.

Each card entry also includes the official Oracle text that displays the most up-to-date rules language, perfect for you or your staff who need to make a ruling on a card written in a different language or perhaps with outdated rules text that is no longer accurate.

Access the new feature by updating the Companion app (IOS or Android)and clicking this new option from the menu:

EventLink Mobile

Because our previous event management software options required a computer to use, we wanted to make sure we could deliver a quality desktop user experience with EventLink first before expanding to mobile.

I’m happy to reveal our first delivery is allowing us to truly explore this new space as we launch our implementations of EventLink for the small screen. We took the biggest bite first: the calendar. You can now create and manage events on the event calendar smoothly and cleanly on all major screen sizes, from mobile to tablets.

Paper Cutting Match Slips

Magic Companion provides the smoothest experience for players playing events at your store. However, you still have access to many other tournament operation solutions in EventLink if your players haven’t signed up for Companion. And we’ve made one EventLink feature a whole lot easier!

You can now print out match slips through EventLink in order so you can easily sort, cut, stack, and distribute them at your events—and players can still report their match results.


  • An issue known as the “looping login” bug that caused some users to be redirected to the login page despite logging in has been tracked down and destroyed.

  • Users can now adjust table numbers during a booster draft. During your draft event, return to the “Registration” page, adjust the table number, and your next round will automatically seat players starting at that number. Note: players assigned a “fixed” table will still be assigned to those tables.

Up Next

We are continuing to deliver mobile improvements, and you’ll see our next effort deliver soon as we tackle the player registration screen. The Companion team is hard at work improving the “late registration” process for players using the app.

Finally, development continues on the new EventLink feature to improve registering non-Companion users via their Wizards Account by allowing the use of first/last names if the player has played using their account at your store before.

Look for those changes and more coming soon!


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