Ravnica Weekend Need-To-Knows for GRN and RNA

Ravnica Weekend Need-To-Knows for GRN and RNA

October 29, 2018 | 2 min to read

The inaugural Ravnica Weekend for Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) is right around the corner. Meanwhile, Ravnica Weekend for Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) is open for scheduling.

The two events will be different on a few counts, so here’s what you need to know about each:


Ravnica Weekend for GRN is the debut of a new event: Magic Weekend.


Ravnica Weekend for GRN is the first, and Ravnica Weekend for RNA will be the second, of a new event we're calling Magic Weekend.

Go here for a deep dive from our In-Store Play Specialist, Jacob Nourigat, one of the architects behind the event. But here's the short version:

Magic Weekend is a quarterly mid-season event. It'll be different each time. It's a space for us to experiment, once per season, with new ideas. For example, Ravnica Weekend—both of them—was conceived as experiment with a flavor-focused event: both are all about Ravnica, each in its own way.

Which brings us to:


Ravnica Weekend for GRN is a casual event. Ravnica Weekend for RNA is a tournament.


The first difference is the format.

We expect Ravnica Weekend Guilds of Ravnica to be more of a social event. You'll run casual four-pack drafts, Guild Kit battles, and D&D sessions based on Ravnica. (The adventure will arrive via email next week.) The prizes are foil basic lands and 11x 14” guild prints.

Ravnica Weekend Ravnica Allegiance is another variation of the same theme. It's still all about Ravnica and its guilds, but it's more on the competitive side.

First, it's a tournament (at least eight players, at least three rounds, etc.), and you can choose to run it in either Sealed, Booster Draft, or Standard. Then there's Guild Kit battles, using the new run of Guild Kits coming with Ravnica Allegiance, plus more D&D sessions, using a stand-alone adventure.

The kit is pretty huge. Sign up now and here’s what you can look forward to:

1 Champion playmat, given to the winner of the Ravnica Weekend tournament

30 participation promos

20 guild-themed foil basic lands

10 guilds prints


Ravnica Weekend Cheat Sheet


You’re prepping for one, you’re about to schedule the other, and they’re very different events. Here’s what you need to know:

Ravnica Weekend Guilds of Ravnica

Date: 11/9/2018–11/11/2018

Formats: 4-pack drafts, Guild Kit battles, D&D sessions

Kit: 20 foil basic lands, 10 guild prints

Ravnica Weekend Ravnica Allegiance

Date: 02/16/2019–02/17/2017

Formats: Standard, Draft, or Sealed (choose when you schedule it in WER), Guild Kit battles, D&D sessions Kit: 30 foil full-art rares, 1 playmat, 10 guild prints, 20 foil guild lands

Don’t miss out on giving your players the best Ravnica experience possible—launch WER and schedule your Ravnica Allegiance events right away.

By Nataly Scheidt


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